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  1. Why don't I have permission to access the chat?


  2. I just want a noona that will call me oppa~


    if you know what I mean

  3. GET YOUR BUTT BACK ON TTF NAJI :cy-mnet::mn-hehe:

  4. NaJihyeon

    Twice United States of America Thread

    LOL even though I live In California I will not be going..... ;( I'm gonna be in Seoul at that time
  5. Naji~ Could you pass me the image of that of Twice tab? I know in my profile has, but it was about 4 years to edit and wanted to know if you have it in PNG lol kkkkkk

    1. NaJihyeon


      LOL no Mah I dont have it :sob: but I think Koi has the link to it :pleeease:

    2. Mahyun


      Ah yes... Thanks so much Oppa~:cute:

  6. NaJihyeon

    Twice United States of America Thread

    We're gonna do it
  7. NaJihyeon

    [GAME] Last Letter

  8. GOOD NIGHT MAH :chu:

    1. Mahyun


      Ownt :3 :pleeease:Goodnight~

  9. "hsgdhsajgrcjsyxuaysgcruxdkjdsygfdhjskaiwiueyrhfdjksaiwqeuyrhgfd"

                                                                    -Mahyun April 18th 2016


    Mahyunese is such a beautiful language.....


    1. Mahyun


      :hahaha: :hahaha: I know... Writing takes a while to learn, but the pronunciation and accent you learn fast Hahahaha

  10. Goodnight Oppa~~


    1. NaJihyeon


      :pleeease:thank you ~~~~~