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  1. Happy birthday ! :congrats: 

  2. Aurora

    [UPDATE! 171217] Twice Fansite List

    I think I can contribute a lot to this thread haha... I guess Jihoya closed, I can't find her twitter/website anymore :/ But there are new Jihyo fansites! (I'm so happy about that, Jihyo deserves more fansites hehe) - BlackJJack and Asante for the other members: Sana - A Mood Board Momo - Der Blonde, PS, Peach Momo (T) (W) Mina - Spring of South Pole (T) (W), With Mina (T) (W) Chaeyoung - A Born Artist (T) (W) All - Chaeng9 (T) (W), Nine Opal (T) (W), hotwice, Twice Studio (T) (W), -wA- (multifandom), HeyDay (multifandom), 남고이과생 / soonduck (W) (it's the same person), dooooly (T) (W) (multifandom), 덴오빠 (T) (W) (multifandom) Fire & Forget changed to A WHITE Sorry, this is a lot haha... I hope I haven't double posted anything^^