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  1. taeZaKi

    Twice: The Facts

    Mina was in a KPOP Dance Group in Japan!? Is there videos of her group's performances!?
  2. She looks so different in long hair, in a good way ^^
  3. I didn't notice her at first, but after a while, so get to see how adorable she is ^^
  4. I like the bangs, but without them, she gets more of a mature look.
  5. She has a mole under her right eyebrow and now I can't stop looking at it! In a good way ^^
  6. I think we'll just keep with the Chewy lol
  7. Waaay older. I'm so surprised how young she is. She looks mature for her age, imo.
  8. Fanboy! The teeth drive me nuts in a good way~