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  1. Happy bday Joana <3

  2. A year with pup kek

    happy anniversary Puppy!
  3. The Official Chatbox Emoji Associated With Member Thread

    @Ooh-Ahh just schooling
  4. The Official Chatbox Emoji Associated With Member Thread

    @Ooh-Ahh sup oa @Asurah @liraeyllis haha I'd say that'd probably be my 2nd most used emote , 1st being
  5. [GAME] Last Post Wins!

    i think we should bring the dot train back
  6. The Official Chatbox Emoji Associated With Member Thread

    @tzuXhybudget @minassi hi sis
  7. SNSD, KARD, 4minute (rip), and f(x)
  8. The Official Chatbox Emoji Associated With Member Thread

    Well this would be my list of emotes that remind me of certain people: @T2long (honestly most of the JY emotes make me immediately think of t2, but that'd be too many to list so) @PeejayYeh (I think this is the real pj? double h is the feng-pj? dun remember for sure but yeah anyway... rip pj) @Shyfan shai shai shai / @StylishDoge heh @Asurah @minassi @Myobu @Ooh-Ahh @tzuXhybudget LOL @<3TzuNaMi @Spullo bunch of the chae emotes make me think of spullo right away but yeah that's the coolest one so and this has been mentioned a bunch of times already but is @Twice's Bias and last but not least :pepe: for @Tzumongie, the emote that lives forever in our hearts probably a few more I'm forgetting
  9. hbd wolf :sn-sparkle:

    hope you have lots of nice nightmares

  10. welp apparently I got tagged by @I. Am. Jihyo's to do this 


    so well

    Here we go I guess

    Lock Screen


    I didn't take a screenshot of my actual lock screen cuz I was too lazy to remove my information so here's the wallpaper I'm using


    Last Saved Picture


    One of my favourite characters got another version (with beautiful art) in Fire Emblem Heroes, so I took a screenshot to send to one of my friends who also plays


    and Last Song I Listened to


    KARD <3

    So yeah. And I guess I have to tag 10 people as well? that's a lot lol but anyway (and I won't tag the people @I. Am. Jihyo's tagged):

    @JayQ @Zeba @winterhirai @LonelyWolf @nayeonlover @minassi @Ahn Haeju @Ling @Tzumongie @Palace 


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    3. syko


      @Tzumongie @LonelyWolf you guys are so much fun

    4. syko


      wolf and kkul are being boring so @<3TzuNaMi do et nami :ty-aye: 

  11. oh damn. thanks for helping my lazy ass get well soon Sana