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  1. syko

    Hi I'm new 2.0

    Thank you! and hello friend
  2. syko

    [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    username: syko post count: 3361 awards requesting: Wake me Up - Sana pls and thank you
  3. Since when did appreciation turn into objectifying people? y'all are too stiff, loosen up a bit cuz
  4. syko

    Hi I'm new 2.0

    thank youu
  5. syko

    Hi I'm new 2.0

    thank youu ikr thank you
  6. Selca has been posted. Just letting ya know :jy-flee:

    1. syko


      :mn-cry: I didn't log into ttf for most of the past week cuz I was really sick so I missed it :ty-grudge: goddamn it

    2. T2long


      :ny-yes: Don't miss it next time!! :jy-derp: I'll get one up shortly, hopefully.

    3. syko


      :ny-look: I won't miss it this time

  7. syko

    Hi I'm new 2.0

    Thanks beatle! Hmm what would we do tho
  8. syko

    Hi I'm new 2.0

    Thanks dooge ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE Oh damn you really are one day older than me isn't the term for people born in the same year chingu? idk Anyway thank you sud
  9. syko

    Hi I'm new 2.0

    Ty Thanks t2 Lel thanks sis
  10. Celebrating my 2nd anniversary by getting sick :ny-pose:


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Lost Penguin

      Lost Penguin


      AND GET WELL SOON :mm-heart:

    3. syko


      @Lost Penguin thank youu sud :sn-aww:

      Feeling a little bit better today :dh-icb:


    4. Lost Penguin

      Lost Penguin

      @syko YaY .. keep the recovery pace :jh-cheer:

  11. syko

    Hi I'm new 2.0

    By getting terriby sick! It's what I did
  12. syko

    Hi I'm new 2.0

    Hi, it's me again 2 years old now, woo surprisedI'mstillheretbh These two years have been amazing - so many amazing friends and moments - I love y'all <3 Here's to two years of syko being annoying (and to more years, hopefully :D) ciao sorrycouldn'treallythinkofmuchelsetosaysohavesomemoreSana oh also do yourself a favour and check Yezi's solo songs out, she's really damn good
  13. Happy Anniversary!!!!

    1. syko


      aw yea thanks beatle:dh-eagle: 

  14. syko

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #WhatIsLove

    all of em please