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  1. 170521 TWICE photos( Fan sign event etc) 144 pic http://twicephotoblog.blogspot.kr/2017/05/170521-twice-photos-fan-sign-event-etc.html
  2. 170521 SBS Inkigayo TWICE capture scene and download (torrent ) http://twicephotoblog.blogspot.kr/2017/05/170521-sbs-inkigayo-twice-capture-scene.html
  3. 170520 JTBC 'A Knowing Brother' TWICE capture scene and torrent(Download) http://twicephotoblog.blogspot.kr/2017/05/170520-jtbc-knowing-brother-twice.html
  4. 170520 MBC Music core TWICE capture scene and torrent(full download) http://twicephotoblog.blogspot.kr/2017/05/170520-mbc-music-core-twice-capture.html
  5. 170520 Lotte family concert TWICE 143pictures http://twicephotoblog.blogspot.kr/2017/05/170520-lotte-family-concert-twice-143.html
  6. luxekim's Instagram Update jtbcbros's Instagram Update
  7. 170519 SBS Baek Jong Won's 3 Great Kings, capture scene and torrent (download) http://twicephotoblog.blogspot.kr/2017/05/170519-sbs-baek-jong-wons-3-great-kings.html
  8. 170519 KBS Music bank TWICE capture scene and torrent(download) http://twicephotoblog.blogspot.kr/2017/05/170519-kbs-music-bank-twice-capture.html
  9. 107 photos of TWICE http://twicephotoblog.blogspot.kr/2017/05/107-photos-of-twice.html
  10. 170518 Ment M countdown TWICE capture scene and torrent(download) http://twicephotoblog.blogspot.kr/2017/05/170518-ment-m-countdown-twice-capture.html
  11. 170517 Weekly Idol TWICE capture scene and torrent http://twicephotoblog.blogspot.kr/2017/05/170517-weekly-idol-twice-capture-scene.html
  12. http://entertain.naver.com/starcast/read?oid=420&aid=0000010887
  13. 170515. evening . TWICE Signal showcase for Fans (112 pic) http://twicephotoblog.blogspot.kr/2017/05/170515-evening-twice-signal-showcase.html
  14. 170516 Kstyle_new's Twitter Update
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