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  1. Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    Hey all Singapore Oncesssssssss! Sorry for being away for so long. Now it's time to be back ~ Let's hope to see more SG peeps around here!
  2. Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    You are part of us already haha. Anyway I wonder why I don't see any Malaysians around here.
  3. Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    Hey! So your name is Rachel haha. I wonder those music stores will sell Twice's album or not. Or must we order online.
  4. Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    Yeah definitely you should watch Sixteen to know them better! But hey I think we all should know one another better too right? I shall start the ball rolling~ Name: Kay Gender: Male Age: 25 Birthday: 24 Aug Currently: Working as Sales Executive
  5. Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    Welcome all to the Singapore Twice Thread! Any of your friends like Twice too? Can ask them to join this forum and join our Twice discussion! Hope we get more members here~ Excited to see this forum grow!
  6. Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    Welcome fellow Singaporean! Haha enjoy your stay here and let's support Twice together!
  7. Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    No worries!
  8. Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    Thanks! Followed you as well! I've started a Nayeon thread at the Nayeon Section too
  9. Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    Hey our friendly neighbour from malaysia! Feel free to join us at our thread too and cya around! Nice knowing you too!
  10. Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    A big welcome from the Singapore Discussion Thread! Enjoy your stay here and nice to know you! But would appreciate if you don't copy paste the content directly haha. Cheers ~ Have a nice day!
  11. Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    Hey that's not a bad idea Jon
  12. Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    Hi all Singapore Twice fans! Let us all introduce ourselves here! You guys can also proceed to the Singapore Thread at the Twice Chat section and have our Twice discussion there!
  13. Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    Gathering all Singapore Twice fans here to share our love and discuss about our girls! Not sure if this is the right place for this thread. Admin feel free to move it if it's not. Cheers!