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  1. [DISCUSSION] Dream sub Unit?

    My feeling/thinking is that a unit should be less than half of the group (rounded down) My spazzing mind says J-trinity but... tbh, I'd like to see either MiNaChaeng ignore that those are two of my OTPs or MiNaJiJeong. I think the former would be a well-rounded group, as far as singing, rapping, and dancing are concerned. The latter would be the vocals-centric sub-unit, akin to TTS in SNSD. I'm not really sure about names... Triple Twice (... TT ...) and Twice V (I really have no ideas XD). I'd like both to be very different from twice, similar to the contrast between TTS and SNSD; taking on more vocally-oriented songs (maybe R&B and more ballads) and mature (not necessarily "sexy")/bold concepts would be cool.
  2. Who is the Most loved Bias.

    Hi there! Welcome and thanks for joining us here at TTF :) Glad to see another U.S. fan Foreign line tho There are lots of different threads and topics on the forums, so take your time exploring them You can review the forum rules here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a mod or admin via PM, Contact Us (tab near the top of the page, 2nd to left), or Ask a Mod Hope to see you around
  3. [FMV] Sana - Say U Say Me

    much appreciated
  4. [MINAIST] Cute Aegyo Mina ❤

    lets try and keep things focused on Mina and her aegyo cr. ㅁ;닐,ㄹㅁ;니 too strong
  5. cr. 미나를미나 This was too much to handle when it came out still is too cyute omg yes I love her Candy Boy (one of my faves too( lines she injects a lot of attitude and feel into them *hears her "Twice~" in 1 to 10* me: may or may not have squealed the first time the way she says it... so light... like floating on clouds. And yeah any moderately loud expression from her is surprising don't worry, nobody will hold it against you
  6. Where do I begin... Mina's voice has such warm, soothing qualities gives me all the feels Whether I'm listening to her sing or just talk, her voice is amazing Her different "voices" or vocal expressions are the best Personally, I think she's improved a lot as a singer. It's nice to see her take on a bigger role in songs (e.g. Someone Like Me). She generally does more high-pitched parts, and I think her voice is most suited to them, but I enjoy all of her vocals Do you all have a favorite Mina singing line/part? Mine is either her aforementioned Melting intro, or her chorus parts in Someone Like Me (both are so beautiful and soothing). Please share any thoughts or feelings you have about Mina's voice/vocals here
  7. [FMV] Sana - Say U Say Me

    Thank you~ Glad you liked it so very true
  8. [FMV] Sana - Say U Say Me

    I made my first Sana FMV Hope you enjoy it -powered by Sana feelz
  9. My first Sana FMV :sn-pew: 

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      @Jhin :ny-oh::ny-yes: @MyiMina Thanks :mn-ketchup:I don't really upload anything... these FMVs are few and far between heh:dh-heh: @Spullo :mn-peace:

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      @Mina'sPenguins It's okay :dh-nice: I'm supporting you and your channel~

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      :sn-shock:omgosh i died on the inside

  10. until
  11. [DAHYUNIST/PIC] Daily Tofu

    As this is a daily pics topic, lets try and keep the additional conversation/spazzing (e.g. beyond an initial reaction) to a minimum. You can continue these conversations in the spazz thread or a separate topic
  12. [MINAIST] Cute Aegyo Mina ❤

    Lets keep the conversation focused on Mina here
  13. [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    Okay. No worries
  14. [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    I meant to type that you have 10 post count awards (instead of 11). Sorry I didn't notice the typo. You can get one #TWICE awards, but you need to choose which one (you originally requested four). The awards request thread is only for era awards. Please post in this thread for selca awards (in addition to Photoshoot and OTP awards). You'll need to hit 500 posts before you can request another award (unless you want to remove your Cheer Up - Jihyo award)
  15. [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    You can request one more award, as you currently have 11 era awards. Which of these would you like? You'll need 1,400 posts to get the other three.