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    <3 Must care for and protect this penguin <3

    1. Jhin


      aww Steven-senpai becoming active again <3

    2. minassi
  2. Mina'sPenguins

    [NAYEONIST/PIC] Nayeon A Day!

    cr. Aromatic Citrus
  3. cr. 두시탈출 컬투쇼 MINAYEON LIVES @Zeba
  4. Mina'sPenguins

    [OFFICIAL] Tzuyu (쯔위) Spazz Thread

    cr. 1 for 2 I don't know about y'all, but this aesthetic is killer Tzuyu's visual is too strong cr. ten asia oh would ya look at that... another killer Tzuyu aesthetic. More crisp b-w/high contrast tops for tzuyu plz cr. delta trap
  5. cr. 1 for 2 Such a cyute, smol bean
  6. Mina'sPenguins

    [OFFICIAL] Kim Dahyun (다현) Spazz Thread

    Welcome aboard! cr. 1 for 2 this aesthetic is on point
  7. cr. 1 for 2 her hair is so gorgeous
  8. cr. 1 for 2 have mercy on us mortals Mina plz "off" cr. 1 for 2 cr. meet
  9. Share your thoughts on Jeongyeon's pink new hair color! :sn-sparkle:

    1. sacheol-21stC


      Pink is a colour of spring. (TWICE's comeback in spring)

      Neon Magenta (a variant of Pink) is one of TWICE's official colour (usually representing the girls; while Apricot is more at representing ONCE).

      Pink is the colour of universal love of oneself and of others. (in relation to TWICE's question of "What is Love?")

      Pink in literature can mean romance, love, friendship and positivity.

      I believe Jeongyeon has some (if not all) the above thoughts in mind when choosing to bleach and dye her hair Pink.

    2. optzumistic


      very cute, reminds me of sana's wig in candy pop :hahaha:

  10. What do y'all think of Jeongyeon's new pink (it reminds me of rainbow sherbet )? Personally, I like it a lot. I think it's really bold and refreshing! She really stands out next to the members and in general. cr. 1 for 2 cr. once_1101 cr. J-Yutopia cr. mnet cr. Jace
  11. cr. 1 for 2 cr. mnet This aesthetic's so crisp cr. PeachTokTok
  12. Mina'sPenguins

    [OFFICIAL] Im Nayeon (임나연) Spazz Thread!

    cr. First Rabbit That eye contact though cr. Mnet cr. Aromatic Citrus
  13. Jihyo's visual is in the stratosphere I'm in love with her purplish hair cr. INFI GodJihyo descended from Heaven to bless us cr. Take a Jihyo