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  1. TWICE’s Mina revealed she has registered as an organ donor in Korea. On December 27, Mina uploaded pictures of her organ donor registration cards for Korea and Japan to the group’s official Instagram account. In the accompanying caption, she wrote, “ONCEs!! Are you enjoying the last few days of this year? Today is TWICE’s 800th day since debut! Congrats congrats~ Therefore, I registered as an organ donor [in Korea] to wrap up this year! ONCEs, who always support us and give us strength! Thank you so so much! Have a good day today~” Mina included a message in Japanese in the caption as well. TWICE recently made a comeback on December 11 with the title track “Heart Shaker.” Source: Soompi, Sports Chosun -x-x-x-x- I think this is really cool! Becoming an organ donor isn't something that a lot of teenagers think about (at least as far as I know), and I think the fact that she wanted to do this to demonstrate her thankfulness for 800 days of TWICE shows how sweet and kind her heart is.
  2. [VID] Twice sings 'Merry and Happy' Helium ver.

    Omg Momo! Her voice is really on that level. She should've passed out inhaling that much! Poor baby
  3. Twice United States of America Thread

    Yup! It snowed all day on our moving day. I was so conflicted because I really wanted the snow, but I didn't want to have to deal with it while I moved. I think it's supposed to snow again here on Christmas Eve!
  4. [VID] 171211 TWICE "Heart Shaker" M/V

    I think it’s the skinny jeans styling. The clothing for the white outfits reminded me of Gee a little bit too.
  5. [GAME] twice rank

    1. Sana 2. Jeongyeon 3. Dahyun 4. Chaeyoung 5. Momo 6. Jihyo 7. Nayeon 8. Tzuyu 9. Mina best smile
  6. [VID] 171211 TWICE "Heart Shaker" M/V

    This song is such a masterpiece! It’s wonderful~ (But also every time i watch it I’m crying for Jihyo’s knees)
  7. Twice United States of America Thread

    I’m in the South! Just moved from Alabama to Mississippi.
  8. I can kind of see her wearing them only because she seems to have really slim hips in general, but the illusion of hip curves can be created many other ways too like the tailoring of the clothes etc. also, why does it really matter if she wore them or not?
  9. We need a hit counter on everyone's profile for the number of times we mention how hard being a Once hits our wallets. Two points if you use the That being said... Omg, my poor wallet! I haven't even finished collecting all the holo cards from the last Christmas release.
  10. [FAN ART] Merry & Happy Wallpaper

    So pretty! You're such a perfect Christmas Fairy~!
  11. [GAMING] The Official Superstar JYPNATION Thread

    I haven't received mine and I completed several of the challenges. I think the page with the challenges on it said something like it might take up to 2 weeks to receive your rewards but I'm not 100% sure. I think if it takes longer than 2 weeks, you should email their support team.
  12. I definitely worry about this too. I think it gets to me when I see them looking really tired or unhappy, like they did at a recent fan meet (I think it was in Singapore? It was during the Twiceland tour). At times like that, I really worry about their physical and mental health. But Zaito is right, this is a time for the company to capitalize on their success and solidify them for the future when they'll be able to rest more between comebacks and still retain their fan base. JYP made a lot of mistakes with other groups, especially Wonder Girls, and they were surpassed by their competition. I think he and the company as a whole has learned from that and, even though they have to make the girls work really hard, it will be good for them in the long run. Plus, they'll be able to continue following their dreams, which is why they became idols in the first place. They knew it was hard work and I think overall they don't mind as long as they're getting closer and closer to their goals. Someone else in the thread mentioned this too, but it's also nice that they aren't forgotten in place of boy groups or due to a lack of initial success like a lot of other groups (or even for no reason in particular - I'm looking at you YG!). As much as we love it, LOA wasn't a chart breaker. They didn't chart higher than 10th with it. Now that they have momentum, it's important to ride it as long as possible to propel them as high as possible so that they can continue to be chart breakers.
  13. [INFO] Twice turns into Christmas elves in ‘Heart Shaker’ teaser

    Found my new Christmas wallpaper~
  14. [SANAIST] A Sana A day

    Credit: @_PET_RAT
  15. Ooh, okay! I see what you're saying. I think I was misunderstanding you initially. That makes a lot of sense and I see your point about calling artists "no. 1" too soon and how it harms other artists now. I think before I thought you meant that not understanding the generations or talking about a group becoming the top group in general was the problem. I get it now. Thanks for all of the info!! I feel like I learned a lot.