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  1. A.Moguri

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #SummerNights

    Both thanks~ =3

    1. A.Moguri


      LOLS. Its been so long ady. =3

  3. Just to clarify what i said previously, the banners that were removed were not part of any usergroups. It was an individual thing. Now, to get a custom banner, it comes with the usergroup so you can't say that you would only want the banner and not the group. Of course unless the admins say otherwise.
  4. That custom banners comes from the custom usergroup. So you can request it over there. You can't request the banners by itself. It comes together with the usergroup.
  5. A.Moguri


    Results? What results do you mean? o.o
  6. A.Moguri


    We already have a discord for that.
  7. A.Moguri


    This was suggested before already. We never did it cause it is gonna cost quite a lot and we do not have the time to keep updating the app.
  8. A.Moguri

    [ADMIN] Team Twice Forums 101

    I just changed it to 10 000+.
  9. A.Moguri

    Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    Up next, Twiceland KL~ =3
  10. A.Moguri

    [DISCUSSION] Twice world tour

    Ranting here is fine and all but please maintain your language.
  11. *Sigh*

    Sometimes i wish i can unsee some things happening here.

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    2. TWICE's Pet Gerbil
    3. JokbalManiaMomo


      Ahaaaaa I guess I miss something but its better not to see :ny-yes:

    4. Lupay
  12. A.Moguri

    [FANART/GIF]Twice Gif (Made by myself)

    Uh, okays but i still think that putting everything in 1 thread would be better though. Try not to make more similar ones, just update this. =3
  13. A.Moguri

    [FANART/GIF]Twice Gif (Made by myself)

    Didn't you have a thread like this last time? Most of the people that started gif threads are stealing my idea after i started it this past Jan. Well, there are older ones but they are not updated now so...
  14. A.Moguri

    Catching The Raccoon For 2 Years Now~

    We are bound to meetup sometimes since we are both from SG. =3
  15. It is finally time for my first introduction post on TTF, 2 years on~ Hello there, My name is Andy. I'm pretty sure most of you guys should know me by now. I am from Singapore and I have been a long time kpop fan since 2005. I started listening to Kpop because I came across BoA while listening to Jpop and I became a fan of her. I started to listen to some Kpop but I wasn't a hardcore fan of any groups yet. Most of the hardcore moments started when SNSD debuted. I started buying merchs and going for concerts. I got to know Twice when I started watching Sixteen and I have been a fan since then. My first year in this forum was pretty quiet as I was quite busy. I am also quite shy when it comes to interacting with new people, so it was basically a lot of lurking and reading posts here and there. I started to really get into posting and knowing new people after the first Twiceland In SG. It was really new for me and it was quite awkward sometimes. As time passes, I got comfortable with quite a lot of you here and made some really good friends. (You guys know who you are) The ride here has really been long and wild but I know it will get better in the future. HERE'S TO MANY MORE YEARS IN TTF! Oh, and to all you newer members, I hope to talk to you guys soon if we have not spoken yet.