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  1. And that too, works both ways i guess.
  2. Hello! Nice to meet you. Welcome to TTF! Hope you enjoy the community and your stay here!
  4. Probably cause she dances a lot. That's good also cause she could eat whatever she want.
  5. Its from their teaser groupings. Alpha was Momo, Dahyun, Tzuyu.
  6. twice

    1. How did you discover Twice? Watched Sixteen and got interested in some of the members. 2. Bias in Twice? Moguri will always be my favourite. 3. Your top 3 favorite Twice songs? One in a million, Melting, Like a fool. 4. Show that has featured Twice? (Not counting Reality Shows) A Hyung I Know (Knowing Brothers). 5. Your favourite Twice album? Twicecoaster: Lane 1. 6. Favorite moment/memory with Twice? Twiceland in Singapore. 7. Your favourite Twice stage? Twiceland~ 8. Your favourite Twice outfit? Probably the outfits for the year end music shows last year. 9. Are you a boy or girl Once? I'm a Raccoon~ 10. Why do you love the Once fandom? Everyone is really supportive of the girls and people are really friendly (Haven't met any weird Sasaengs thou). Kinda reminded me of the time when i was an active Sone during the SNSD era.
  7. Seems she changes her phone case quite often. One time, she has a full fur case which was really unique (It was shown in the other thread i think).
  8. This was like the highlight of the game itself~
  9. Hello! Nice to meet you. Welcome to TTF! Hope you enjoy the community and your stay here!
  10. Haha, thats good~ My top 3 members are always the J-Trinity.
  11. Its interesting to see more girls than guys viewing their comeback stage.
  12. Voting whenever i can. =3
  13. Maybe the new mods will do it? Or the threads might be a little different i guess.
  14. Well, these are like fantasies for the fans that really ship them really hard. Can't really blame them thou.
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