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  1. She will always be pretty no matter what she wear or do~
  2. Your new profile picture is adorable 

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      Cupcake Cupid

      All of your profile pic gifs are pretty 


    3. Moguri96


      I like pretty stuff~ XD


    4. Cupcake Cupid
  3. Happy (late) Birthday! :congrats:

    1. Moguri96


      Haha, thanks~ :mm-heart:

  4. Shooooo pretty. So many new stuff since i last came here~
  5. happy morguri day !!!

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      Haha, thank you~ XD


  6. happy Birthday! :congrats:

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      Thank you~ XD


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      You're welcome! :dh-chu:

  7. Happy Birthday @Moguri96:cy-hug:

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      Thank you~ XD


  8. How Did You Discover TTF?

    For me its simple. I was trying to find a International Fansite/Forums for Twice and poof here i am~ I lurked for quite a long period of time before i started talking to people here though. =3
  9. The "Show me your face" thread!

    So many visuals~
  10. I'm starting to learn Korean!

    Naver dictionary would be a good place. I use it a lot~ =3
  11. [AWARDS] Organisation Request Thread

    Top Left Award: Selca - Momo Top Right Award: Photoshoots - Momo Bottom Left Award: #Twice - Momo Bottom Right Award: Signal - Momo
  12. 안뇽~~ fellow ONCEs!!!

    Hello! Nice to meet you. Welcome to TTF! Hope you enjoy the community and your stay here!
  13. Hi!

    Hello! Nice to meet you. Welcome to TTF! Hope you enjoy the community and your stay here!
  14. Hello Everyone!

    Hello! Nice to meet you. Welcome to TTF! Hope you enjoy the community and your stay here!