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  1. Form Your Ultimate KPOP Girl Group

    LOLS. I think i need 20+ members to put all the people i like. XD
  2. Form Your Ultimate KPOP Girl Group

    I finally took the time to read this. Hmm~
  3. Eyyyyyy~ XD I'm the lucky kid. But no photos cause everyone was in front of me. Rip~
  4. [DISCUSSION] TWICE in Singapore

    Come drink coffee with me~ LOLS.
  5. Happy Birthday~ XD


    1. Cupcake Cupid

      Cupcake Cupid

      Thanks you moguri :ny-chu:

  6. Always with them good dps YASS :mm-jjang:

  7. Back here again for my beautiful bae~ XD
  8. Goodbye !

    I feel this is too soon but goodbye Sunbae~ Goodluck on your studies and i wish you success in the near future. Its gonna feel different in the chatroom now that you left. Do come back once in a while to chat though. Fighting! May the time come when we would meet again~
  9. [BIRTHDAY] Jeongyeon's Message Book

    Name: Andy Country: 싱가포르 Message : 생일 축하해요 정연아! 몸이조심하고, 그리고 항상 행복하게 지내세요! 사랑해요! 화이팅! Photo Link : Nil¬
  10. She will always be pretty no matter what she wear or do~