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  1. Any mina fans please help me revive this thread , thk you , we need more shoulderna , XD
  2. Hi i am back , XD , hope to see you guys all around and do catch me when i am around , drop some question bombs on me , wishing all once a good day ahead , and rmb lots of cool stuff will be coming on for you once , as we have been setting up lots of network while the pass few months of hiatus , and we maybe bring swag to you guys , exclusive to TTF , XD 

    1. TWIC3_Sapphire





    2. JayQ


      welcome back

  3. The chat box just bring back memories , XD 

    1. MONICA
    2. syko


      the good old days :dh-heh:

    3. PinguMina


      @MONICA XD @sykoikr , such a nice thing to have back 

  4. definitely , her side profile , omg , how does it look so good