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  1. My own picks are Tzuyu, Mina and Nayeon, in that exact order!
  2. Why would anyone think that some of them could be lesbians though? Just because of general skinship and kissing at times?
  3. I need Nayeon's version B photocard, the one in my display photo. Absolutely beautiful!
  4. Yeah I did, I ordered B and C from Kpopr0x. So far he hasn't updated me yet, will probably drop him a message soon to check on the parcel!
  5. I heard the fan rearranged version of Signal, and yeah it sounds pretty good! But after listening to the original Signal for multiple times, it just feels right even though it still has its flaws. Maybe because in my mind I kept thinking how JYP envisioned Signal to be like in the original. If only JYP did something like the rearranged version from the start, I think there would be lesser complaints!
  6. Hahaha, will pay more attention to Chaeyoung to see if I have actually missed out on her cutesy side! Not gonna lie, free impressions are a little hard to erase!
  7. At times, but I personally have always seen her as someone who is very charismatic, just like Jeongyeon!
  8. 1. Tzuyu/MiMo/Nayeon - Sometimes they will change positions but usually my heart leans towards Tzuyu the most unless the other girls look really good in their most recent release e.g. Nayeon! 2. Sana/Dahyun 3. Jihyo/Chaeyoung/Jeongyeon - Would be ranked higher if they are as expressive and cutesy compared to the other girls I named in number 1. Disclaimer: I do not hate any of our girls, this is my own personal bias list and is not representative of any other people!
  9. It was a shame that Jihyo couldn't be a part of this trip, it would have been such a memorable moment to be able to have a flash mob in a foreign country!
  10. I personally like Ooh-Aah the best, I love their outfits in the music video and specifically Momo. She looks absolutely stunning and when she smirks arrogantly before she starts with the dance break towards the end of the song, she nailed it!
  11. Yeah the chorus was great! I was so happy when I watched the music video, both Tzuyu and Sana did their part to sing during the chorus and they were so adorable!
  12. JYP marketing doing it's work man, they have too many ways of getting us to buy their albums with so many different variations and stuff! But on the flip side, I personally dislike how there are so MANY different items in the album and the number of different permutations of the items you get is so absurd. This means as fans we need to spend even more money to collect everything (if we want to) and JYP's marketing team capitalises on this because they know that we would do just that. Oh well, I think we just have to simply accept that since I don't see this changing at all, not even the slightest. Still, I am absolutely happy that the girls are continuing to break records and I hope to see them continue this trend for many more years to come!
  13. I think it's probably their Japanese debut album. I suspect their Japanese album will have Japanese version of their current title songs and a few original Japanese songs itself. EDIT: Nayeon looks really pretty in that scene!
  14. Yep, spotted it as soon as it came out. I love picking out easter eggs/references in music videos and even more so in a TWICE music video! Maybe that's referring to their Japanese debut? A debut that comes with its own original Japanese tracks! Hopefully JYP doesn't choose to reuse too many of their existing Korean songs to bring it over to the Japanese market!
  15. Yeah, the general consensus in multiple forums and YouTube is that the song is not really meant for all. "Signal" has led to mixed opinions ranging from people enjoying it to disliking it as the song is somewhat jarring to an extent. I guess JYP was experimenting with Signal to see if the song would stick and be another one with a catchy hook. It's always good to experiment and for TWICE they could afford to, since their fandom is one of the biggest in Kpop. I think it's kinda like their sunbaenim 2PM when they just released "Heartbeat" in 2009, I do vividly remember that the response to "Heartbeat" was very similar to "Signal" because it detracted from their previous songs like "Again & Again", "I Hate You" etc etc. Hopefully the girl's don't feel too bad about themselves, because they are still as lovable and adorable as they were!
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