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  1. There's no way to stop fanwars from happening. Absolutely 0% and that's the cold hard truth. However, we can do our part by not participating in it and just ignore the videos/comments that focuses on bashing our girls. Don't even watch those videos and contribute your views to them, simply ignore and be a little happier since you do not need to deal with their negativity.
  2. I think Tzuyu has to have dark long hair 100% of the time, she's the literal Asian beauty. Long dark coloured hair, beautiful, has a great smile, big eyes, everything about Tzuyu's facial features is perfect. I can't imagine seeing Tzuyu with a short hair and another colour though, but I would be happy to be proven wrong!
  3. I might sound extremely biased, but in my own opinion TWICE literally has the best visuals (no surgery/natural) out of any girl groups in Kpop history. EVERYONE looks beautiful!
  4. I personally would recommend TT. The styling, the aesthetics and the hook from the song is the best for me!
  5. There will always be a few idiots who break the rules and expect to get away with it. I personally think that it is good that the chatbox has been removed since it gave some people a way to facilitate the spread of negativity within the forums and among TTF staff. But for the people who are really sad that it's gone, Discord's the best way to get in touch and stay in contact, invite those who were very active in the chatbox and chat away!
  6. It has already been shown that there are 3 different album cover art, however the content (photocard/poster) isn't revealed yet.
  7. It's stated in Japanese Yen on their official Japanese website: http://www.twicejapan.com/discography/detail/13/ But however, SaNaDa comes from Singapore like me, we have a few pre-orderers/mass order groups that we can find on Carousell/forums who offer to buy it for us but with a slight premium added.
  8. Yeah, that's the same for me! Version B's cover is the most visually pleasing to me! I am just worried that there won't be anymore copies if I were to delay my preorder
  9. Which versions are you guys getting? I am personally contemplating A or B, maybe even A and B both. The album art can be found here:
  10. Not like thissssssssss, it would be awesome if they did! To me, it seems like a fun song to listen to when you feel down and need some zesty vitamins to energize you up! Thanks for the quick response!
  11. Did they say if they were gonna release it to be sold? I wouldn't mind paying for it since it's really cutesy and fun!
  12. Respectable dedication! If I am not wrong Elsword's maximum level is 99 was it? I can't remember too well since I only played it for awhile and quitted because I felt it wasn't the game for me!
  13. Give and take ahaha, it's gonna be boring if we keep conceding the games to them! You can't improve if you don't get schooled!
  14. Who are you referring to?
  15. Using her height to her advantage I see, and taking charge of the situation! That's the Tzuyu I know! So orderly and disciplined!