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Gorgc Child

TWICEcoaster: Lane 1
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  1. Happy Birthday!  :satzu-gj:

  2. happy Birthday! :congrats:

  3. Your best friends/favourite members in TTF

    I'm honored to be mentioned by some people But I no mention them xD hahaha (if you know me well you wont be sad if I don't mention) 1. @Zeba recent friend that is chill and just started chatting but I felt comfortable talking to you though you didn't mention me ;_; 2. @RyuJ been chatting with this dude for so long and also in other social medias, really nice person and I glad that we became friends after all since it is really fun talking to you and I'm comfortable being myself around you 3. @StylishDoge no words to say, peanut butter waterslide buddy ? 4. @PeejayYehh real name: feng, this guy got me banned together with him and PFC but hey, that's what best friends are right? We do stuff together we get involved together hahaha There's also other members but since I couldn't remember you guys... Then you guys are not worth remembering xD (if you know me well you won't get hurt )
  4. Your best friends/favourite members in TTF

    Ayy man don't scare people by saying I'm scary :(
  5. Testing something

    Hi, ignore this, im tempest known as mashi but just checking something for a while
  6. WJ how are you with that cookie girl :D?


  7. God I hate myself for falling into a trap set by a fake hot girl account... fucking blackmailer, piece of shit fuck


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    2. Gorgc Child

      Gorgc Child

      @Kh3ngboon the person apparently from Philippines after a deep thorough check through the threaten pics :O


    3. Kh3ngboon


      @Tempest well we could have Josh to fish that prick out. o:

    4. Gorgc Child
  8. Urggg the urge of desperation is so hard to resist


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    2. Gorgc Child

      Gorgc Child

      lmao I'm getting this girl attention however i need to find a perfect sign that doesn't make the group awkward if it fails

      desperate to go for it now because I feel that we been getting closer however it just doesn't feel like doing it because i worry it fails and I dont have any backup plan to make the group not break up

    3. Kh3ngboon


      All the best Tempest,


    4. tzuXhybudget


      Good to hear both of you are close, jiayou Mashi :ny-tough:

      Good to hear both of you are close, jiayou Mashi :ny-tough:


    1. <3TzuNaMi


      all the best on whatever u are doing :sn-pew: and nice dp :sn-pew::sn-pew:

    2. Gorgc Child
    3. <3TzuNaMi
  10. The "Show me your face" thread!

    you're from the UK bro? damn we can meet up sometime!!!
  11. Once Chill Zone

  12. The Official TEAM TWICE Gaming Thread

    battlenet ID pingu :D
  13. Username:MashiMaro Post Count: 300 Award Requesting: J-Trinity award
  14. Twice Malaysia Discussion Thread

    I just noticed this thread O.o, Hey Guys , From KL , a pink panda and a Once :D