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  1. her expressions are so on point im so proud of her T_T
  2. apparently not :> the killer momo you mean
  3. i don't think you'll be in time for that.. she looks so contented whenever she eats lmao
  4. or maybe, you won't see me around at all, maybe Momo would've killed me by then I'm satisfied from watching her eat heh. no need to have big appetite here
  5. sure please refer to twitter for that I've got more coming (you better beware after HTS comes out) the amount of happiness when she gets to eat
  6. you know i keep track of HTS more than you HAHAHAHA i'm like OMG UGH all day her smiles ;;
  7. monayeon's day yesterday xD nayeon wanted to show dahyun and chaeyoung how it's done lmao xD
  8. must you drop a momo bomb everytime i come online T_T
  9. why do you kill me over the phone then once again on the computer
  10. these pictures.... why haven't I seen them before. so pretty *_* those views are just /wow/ pls she just wants to display her gayness
  11. not sure when I will get over this photo not sure if I'll survive the performance oh damn this is so cute
  12. sparklypeaches

    [MOMOIST/PIC] A Peach A Day

    ;) yeah hopefully she got a lot more rest now!
  13. sparklypeaches

    [MOMOIST/PIC] A Peach A Day

    no ha ha ha :-) there was this day that she looked really tired.. T_T
  14. sparklypeaches

    [MOMOIST/PIC] A Peach A Day

    i offer my pocket to keep her anytime anyday anywhere
  15. sparklypeaches

    [MOMOIST/PIC] A Peach A Day

    I offer mine