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  1. 안녕

    Welcome to TTF! Enjoy your time here on the Forums!
  2. CYA Entertainment Official Thread

  3. Tag!

  4. [BIRTHDAY] Jeongyeon's Message Book

    Name: Brandon L. Country: USA Message (100 words MAX): Happy Birthday Jeongyeon! I hope you have a great day and always stay true to yourself. We all love you for who you are. ♥ONCE & TWICE FOREVER♥
  5. Welp I predicted it 3 days ago, the Cold & Illness season has caught me  :mn-pout2::dogepan: 


    1. Yeongie 윤기

      Yeongie 윤기

      :2na-hug::dubchaeng-kiss: Let yeongie cure you oppa oppa!!!:2yeon-pb::minayeon-hug:

    2. StylishDoge


      @Yeongie 윤기 oooo Stop being so cute :mn-blush::2na-hug:

  6. [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    Hey there HugMon, It looks like you're not yet eligible for your next Era Award. Your last award (Like Ooh Ahh - Tzuyu) was for 1,100 posts. You will have to reach 1,200 posts before requesting your next award.

    I read the title as "Twice is coming back to US finally"
  8. I still don't understand how people find out the exact times when Idols arrive and leave airports
  9. The Cold & Illness season is coming :ny-pose::dh-wut: 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Mina'sYellowBeanie


      :sn-pew:Pew! You have now been shot by the cold immunity beam. Stay healthy, ranger.

    3. StylishDoge


      @Mina'sYellowBeanie :dh-heh: It's sad to say, I'm no longer a Ranger. It took too much space on my phone. :mn-pout: 

    4. Mina'sYellowBeanie


      You'll always be a ranger in my heart, dear Doge :ty-peek:

  10. Can someone help a Doge out and send me a decent hi-res group pic of Twice for a wallpaper? :sn-smthing::dogepan::ty-hehe:

    1. chaerrybear
    2. StylishDoge


      :mm-wut: uh, i forgot why I was looking for a wallpaper :sn-lol: 

      Thanks anyways @chaerrybear :sn-heart: 

  11. Um....

    The few times I've stumbled across OneHallyu, it's always been inappropriate I've heard it's a toxic site
  12. The "Show me your face" thread!

    Not even a spoiler for your pic Such a brave soul