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  1. [AWARDS] Wonce Awards Request Thread

    Hello there Yeongie, 2 things, First is, I believe you meant to post this in the other Awards Request Thread, but accidentally posted here in the Wonce Awards Request Thread. Second is, I have PM'ed you before about your Era Awards back in November.You have 13 Era Awards but you're currently at 1,287 Posts. Please wait until you are at 1,400 Posts before requesting new awards.
  2. The Yourself Appreciation Thread

    Aw, come here you squishy Jokbal I think we're twins :']
  3. The Yourself Appreciation Thread

    Aw this is such a sweet thread idea Anyways, it's very difficult impossible for me to do, say, or be hurtful towards anyone I iz soft like Minjoong
  4. [GAME] Members vs Staffs (Ya'll Sneaky AF FGs)

    9 I didn't know Awards Team don't break the chain
  5. Another Merry & Happy themed lockscreen/wallpaper :sn-cutie: 




  6. I was stressing out for a while about one of my final grades, since my grade was determined by 1 final paper, and I did Pass with a decent grade

    OOOOooHHhH YAAAAAaaaAAaaAaHHHhhHHH :ny-soju: 

    1. MyiMina
    2. WhiteBlue


      Woah nice! But still a grade determined by one paper, your prof must be madness. Anyways good job!

    3. StylishDoge


      @MyiMina thankyees :sn-heart::ny-yes:

      @WhiteBlue Well technically my grade was determined by 2 assignments. The first was an outline of the final paper, and i got a C- somehow *C- ON AN OUTLINE*:jy-wut:

      This shocked me because Final Grades below a B- aren't accepted towards my major :ty-notbad:

      But I made it in the end :mn-praise:

  7. I liked the Heart Shaker logo at the end of the MV, so I screencapped it & moved the Merry & Happy logo lower so it fits well on a phone lockscreen :sn-cutie: 

    Feel free to download if you'd like :mn-peace:




  8. [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #HEARTSHAKER

    Hello there, Each award costs 1500 Wonce, and currently you only have 410 Wonce. Refer to this Thread to learn about how to gain more Wonce:
  9. I can't believe I haven't watched this before, the Synchronized Jumps at 1:13, 1:20, 2:12 & 2:19 in the Pre-Chorus is so satisfying :jy-wut::jh-myheart: 



  10. WUT I knew Twice gets lots of views, but WOAH