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  1. Hi! Can I have #Signal - solo and #Signal - super please? Thank you in advance!
  2. cr. @aesi3 cr. @__myou__ cr. @jy_light_1101
  3. Can I have one too pls
  4. Mina last night... She was hiding behind the members when they were introducing them. It really breaks my heart to see her like this, I wish I could do something to lift her spirits cr. @flower_mina0324
  5. I love you to the moon and back <3 cr. @nineopal Shy shy shy Mina with flower cat ears~ warning: She gets more shy and cuter between each cut cr. @aesi3 WELL HELLO AND WELCOME I'm also a victim of her royal pinguness Isn't it? It matches with her personality so well~ I love it so much PREPARE YOUR HEARTS AND STAY TUNED FOR MORE GODDESS MINA AS LONG AS I'M HERE
  6. Adorable pouting cr. @AlphaCrucis0324
  7. No matter what JYP says, I'd just like to point out that there is evidence of the picture being obviously edited. Why JYP claimed that it was real and was taken "as friends" between them is beyond my understanding but I just know that it's not real.
  8. Hi and welcome!! Same here! I identify as bisexual but I know that I pick girls over guys almost 99% of the time We're all cool here!! And since you're here too, that makes you awesome Hi and welcome to our thread! I've been pretty occupied with life lately so I'm really late Hi and welcome to our thread!!
  9. Good pulls Mine are under the cut vv
  10. sdhklfjj;s Sana is seriously really adorably cute?? cr. @sanacottoncandy
  11. Flower cat ears ft Chaeng Chaeng how did you know I was a michaeng shipper cr. @TWICE_BLACKSWAN cr. @ModernClassic37 (new Mina fansite, do follow them!) cr. @minaday_0324
  12. neck pillows are our tradition cr. @TWICE_BLACKSWAN
  13. she's so adorable I love her eye and gummy smiles so much cr. @ModernClassic3
  14. Right?? That's why we have this thread, to (sort of) continue her onesie legacy!!
  15. Hello and welcome to TTF, Js2M! Hope you enjoy your stay and remember to have fun!
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