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  1. day 1982378 of stanning mina and I still feel like she gets prettier and prettier after every fansign cr. @SABOSHIP cr. @beautynbeat9697 cr. @ModernClassic37
  2. cr. @OLAM2324 SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL ofc not! Welcome to the gross sobbing over mina crew
  3. a soft cr. @Minayayayaya omg that's true! her short black hair during KK era + her exposed shoulder looked so good I think mina stans can't decide on which hairstyle suits mina best because she's too pretty with all of them I CAN RELATE
  4. cr. @La_Reine_Mina Agreed, she's just too beautiful Mina can't hide it Definitely one of the best looks for mina imo so I really hope she decides to grow her hair out Here's more of mina checking out her members just because
  5. also these are some REALLY nice phone wallpapers/lockscreens cr. @momoringbui BONUS: Mina checking out Tzuyu (while wearing a flower crown so this is valid)
  6. LONG HAIR + FLOWER CROWNS. I embrace my death cr. @jibang_2 cr. @GirlGroup_CD mina wearing a cauliflower cr. @dooooly_
  7. cr. @__myou__ cr. @jy_light_1101
  8. Mina last night... She was hiding behind the members when they were introducing them. It really breaks my heart to see her like this, I wish I could do something to lift her spirits cr. @flower_mina0324
  9. I love you to the moon and back <3 cr. @nineopal Shy shy shy Mina with flower cat ears~ warning: She gets more shy and cuter between each cut cr. @aesi3 WELL HELLO AND WELCOME I'm also a victim of her royal pinguness Isn't it? It matches with her personality so well~ I love it so much PREPARE YOUR HEARTS AND STAY TUNED FOR MORE GODDESS MINA AS LONG AS I'M HERE
  10. Adorable pouting cr. @AlphaCrucis0324