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  1. Sorry if I'm being inactive :ny-pout:I'm currently preparing for an INTEL research competition :ny-tt: I will always visit here!! I still love you guys!! sorryy for now, I'll try my best to manage my time 

  2. awww, that's almost the ppl I love here!! Thanks!! <3
  3. Thank you very much @NomNomMiX @Jhin @Kh3ngboon @kkerel @Mina'sPenguins And all the TTF staffers!! This is a great thinggg. A great indication of how the forum grows and becomes bigger!! Kamsahamnidaaa for your hardwork! Totally daebak!

    1. Big Boss

      Big Boss

      Oww Hi!!! @Cupcake Cupid It's nice to see youu :ny-cute:

  5. introduction

    Hello Sam!! You'll enjoy the forum for sureee!! See you around!!
  6. hihi I still appreciate it!! Thank you veryyy muchhh
  7. Korean fans and media are speculating that TWICE’s Dahyun could be the next “Nation’s First Love.” Dahyun was recently voted the female idol that fans want most as their female friend. In a recent poll, male fans selected Dahyun the idol who participants would want most as their friend. Poll results noted Dahyun’s charming personality, flawless skin, and bright energy as reasons for her popularity. All of these are also qualities that belong to a childhood “first love,” a role that Dahyun is quite familiar with playing. She starred as a hometown best friend-turned girlfriend in a skit for tVN‘s SNL Korea, playing the role perfectly. She also played a similar role opposite Astro‘s Eunwoo and stole the hearts of viewers with her adorable personality. With lovely charms that can infatuate just about anyone, Dahyun really resembles everyone’s schoolyard crush. Source: OBS News//http://www.koreaboo.com/buzz/twices-dahyun-next-nations-first-love/
  8. http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003105051 cr.미사 •͈ᴗ•͈‏
  9. Congrats ONCEs!!! TWICE racks up wins!! 11 like Cheer Up Era!!
  10. Thank you everyone!!!! I appreciate your greetingss!! It's not late tho! It's still June!! Kamsahamnidaaaaa my fellow ONCEs!!!
  11. Okay as expected! The National Girl Group does grabs this title for 8 or 9 months straight! source:http://m.futurekorea.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=41058&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  12. Our internet was cutted down myghod, where will they fix this? PH net really sucks omg :jy-aww:

    1. Big Boss

      Big Boss

      I even go to comshops to finish my simple assignment mayghad 

    2. Bryancan
  13. Omygod, let's get ready for TWICe to endorse and advertise Air Asia, remember Pocari Sweat also considered TWICE due to fans suggestions <3 this is the original tweet If TWICE would be considered by AirAsia, they may look stunning as this in an advertisement poster