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    yeah, they were nominated on SBS The Show last time, but The Show casts score mainly from their votes and votes on The Show mainly come from China and yeah there are only few TWICE supporters in China btw Happy 5th win everyone!!
  2. at #2 is BTS source:;end
  3. Omygod this is really hilarious! They look like the Simpsons! praewdaochai
  4. TWICE's Dahyun revealed a hilarious story involving J.Y. Park on the May 20th installment of JTBC's 'A Hyung I Know'. Dahyun gave the 'A Hyung I Know' members a pop quiz question, asking, "What is the answer I gave to J.Y. Park when he sent me a message on KakaoTalk?" She explained, "I received a message asking, 'Dahyun, what would you like to eat - Japanese food, meat, Beijing duck, or Italian food?'" Apparently, she was caught off-guard by the message as Dahyun revealed, "My response was, 'I'm sorry. Who is this?'" The TWICE member explained she hadn't known her own agency head's phone number, and he simply replied, "JYP..." cr. allkpop/
  5. Signal Cheer Up TT Knock Knock Like Ooh Ahh cr./
  6. 170527 PREVIEWS of MBC Oppa Thinking source:
  7. 170527 PREVIEWS of MBC Oppa Thinking source:
  8. 170527 PREVIEWS of MBC Oppa Thinking source:
  9. 170527 PREVIEWS of MBC Oppa Thinking source:
  10. 170527 PREVIEWS of MBC Oppa Thinking source:
  11. 170527 PREVIEWS of MBC Oppa Thinking source:
  12. 170527 PREVIEWS of MBC Oppa Thinking source:
  13. 170527 PREVIEWS of MBC Oppa Thinking source:
  14. 170527 PREVIEWS of MBC Oppa Thinking source:
  15. source: P.S I'll post the individual pics of members on their spazz threads (they're too many)
  16. It seems like there’s just no stopping TWICE! The popular girl group has reached another milestone, as their MV for “TT” has surpassed the 200 million view mark on YouTube. On May 8, the MV had a staggering total of about 190 million views and, in the span of 18 days, has accumulated more than 10 million more views. The MV for “TT” was released on October 24 of last year, meaning that the MV achieved this feat in 215 days since its release. This makes TWICE the first K-pop girl group to ever reach the 200 million view mark on a MV. Furthermore, TWICE’s MVs for “Cheer Up,” “Like OOH-AHH,” and “KNOCK KNOCK” all have over 100 million views. Plus, the group has sold over a million albums, despite the fact that the group debuted only a year and seven months ago. Meanwhile, TWICE recently made an appearance on Mnet’s “I Can See Your Voice” and talked about what they believe to be the reason for their popularity. The group recently made a comeback with their song “Signal” and took home their second win for the song earlier this week. Soompi has partnered with TWICE for a special dance cover challenge so don’t forget to click for details about the event! source:
  17. 170526 Korean University Festival cr.sweetstory1020
  18. 170525 Myeongdong Fansign Event cr.tw_chae
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