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  1. MNET Idol School Discussion Thread

    Are u in Idol School discord?
  2. Brand value rankings for singers for the month of July are out! According to the Korea Brand Reputation Center, the #1 spot this month went to none other than EXO, who earned 7,193,604 points thanks to their recent comeback with their 4th full album 'The War'. At #2 was Red Velvet, who also made a comeback with their special summer album 'The Red Summer' this month, with 6,735,146 points. TWICE ranked #3 with 5,091,622 points despite currently promoting in Japan. Check out the top 10 below! 1. EXO 2. Red Velvet 3. TWICE 4. A Pink 5. BTS 6. Black Pink 7. IU 8. MAMAMOO 10. NU'EST Source: Allkpop
  3. MNET Idol School Discussion Thread

    Nice i doubt i can find my true one since all of them I see Tasha ranking #39 makes me disappointed ._. Man i wished more knetz will vote for her
  4. As you can see from the title, its a discussion thread for MNET's latest program Idol School Anyone watching Idol School? What's your bias so far? Mine is Tasha (SG PRIDE YES!), Natty (Puberty hit her hard indeed ), Eun Kyul (PRETTY AND CUTE MAKNAE ) and SnowBaby (yea another Taiwanese )
  5. Your best friends/favourite members in TTF

    You still havent tell me where and when
  6. Your best friends/favourite members in TTF

    I guess I will be writing a super lengthy post here bear with me :x I like to thank to those who really tagged me :') Of course im thankful and grateful to have TTF community members as friends :D Im sorry if I didnt tag you (my memory sucks)
  7. At least better than Jonghyun's event....Jonghyun has 2min+ songs
  8. [EVENT] Welcome to Team Twice Forums 2


    this is interesting
  10. [Ads] TTF's very own Dahyun Shirts for Dahyun's Birthday Project are already up for preorders! Let's show our support to our beloved Dubu:dh-wink:


  11. TTF ONCE Candy & ONCE Jelly

    Its ok patience cant be worse than yesterday's O Level Chinese Paper