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  1. Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    oh yang jual di ebay itu all member ya :( coba mwave kemaren gt jg dibeli dah huhu
  2. [SUGGESTION] NaMo Where SaNayeon (Sana X Nayeon) ?
  3. [GAME] Last Letter

  4. ♛ The Official 2Yeon (Jungyeon x Nayeon) Thread ♛

    ehmm i think Sana with Nayeon :p SaNayeon <3 ahahaha
  5. ♛ The Official 2Yeon (Jungyeon x Nayeon) Thread ♛

    ahaha yeaahh they are inseparable hahaha
  6. Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    iya invite ke grup chat Line aj biar gampang ntar berkabarnya
  7. Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    wah bisa tuh ntar kapan2 kalo lagi dibandung kita hangout bareng lah ngopi2 :D
  8. Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    iya lumayan lah kan berawal dari yang kecil :D *aseeek* ahaha ayoooo domisili mana emng ryu? :o
  9. Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    wah asik ya kayanya kalo once indo di gath semua :D ahahaha kalo bandung sih kemaren2 beberapa udh ada yg pernah kopi darat :D hahaha
  10. Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    ya begitulah ayo bikin makin pasar threadnya siapa tau ntar berubah tulisannya jadi super hot *berasa menu ayam* :D
  11. [GAME] Last Letter

  12. Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    masama, iya kalo di YT rata2 udah pada di hapus, kemaren aja kalo download yg khusus TWICEnya di Dailimotion tapi udah pada kehapus jg kayanya
  13. Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    heisheis~ haha sekalinya sepi sepi tapi sekalinya muncul notifnya ga berenti2 :D
  14. Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    coba cek di kshowonline.com, kalo ga salah kemaren pas DL dari situ
  15. my 2nd fav OTP after SaNayeon (Sana x Nayeon) <3