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TWICEcoaster: Lane 2
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  1. ilovekaramorethanthebeatle

    Hi I'm new 2.0

    Congratulations!!!! So many TTF 2 year anniversaries coming up. Maybe, we should have a special day for everyone turning 2 this year?
  2. Kid Genius' TTF anniversary tommorrow

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!!

    1. syko


      aw yea thanks beatle:dh-eagle: 

  4. ilovekaramorethanthebeatle


    IntoTheDark (NoSana NoLife) drops by the chatbox. LazyWatermelon was around a few months ago.
  5. ilovekaramorethanthebeatle


    Welcome back @cozIcan. I think I may call myself a TTF legend, so here I am!!! I wonder where Burr and the rest of the old chatroom chatters are???
  6. ilovekaramorethanthebeatle

    Oh, hello there!

    Welcome new member. Stop by the chatbox when you get enough posts (don't remember if it is 40 or 50 posts you need).
  7. ilovekaramorethanthebeatle

    New family member!!

    Welcome new member. Stop by the chatbox when you get enough posts (don't remember if it is 40 or 50 posts you need).
  8. ilovekaramorethanthebeatle

    1 year and 1 day late introduction

    @Jokballet is a new member for me, anyone who has joined since Jan 1, 2016 is still a new member So!!!! Welcome new member!!!!
  9. ilovekaramorethanthebeatle

    Hi i'm a once from onehallyu

    Welcome!!!! If you are here again, ask me about my story of the OH Twice thread.
  10. how come you never come to the chatbox???
    and where's OmgDahyun???

  11. WOW!!! First 2 time winner!!! Congratulations!!!! :dh-nice:

    1. Ahn Haeju

      Ahn Haeju

      Kara!!! Yeah, hehe ikr >.< 

      Thank youu~ :sn-hi:

  12. Happy Birthday!!!

    1. Asurah


      Thanks karabeatle! :dh-nice: