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  1. ilovekaramorethanthebeatle

    [NAYEONIST/PIC] Nayeon A Day!

    Alex is here every now and then. Nayeon so cute in all these pics.
  2. did u retire???

    1. syko


      idk maybe

      I'll prolly be more active when school starts up again and I have work to procrastinate on

  3. ilovekaramorethanthebeatle

    [DISCUSSION]Anyone miss XX

    TJ!!!! The chatbox misses the first Hall of Famer!
  4. ilovekaramorethanthebeatle

    [DAHYUNIST/POLL] The New Ultimate Dahyun Poll #1

    http://forums.teamtwice.com/topic/11942-dahyunistpoll-the-new-ultimate-dahyun-poll-2/ http://forums.teamtwice.com/topic/14274-dahyunistpoll-the-new-ultimate-dahyun-poll-3/
  5. ilovekaramorethanthebeatle

    [DISCUSSION]Anyone miss XX

    for those who don't know ... XX's name is Claire
  6. ilovekaramorethanthebeatle

    [DAHYUNIST/POLL] The New Ultimate Dahyun Poll #1

    Have you taken Polls #2 and #3???
  7. welcome new follower

    1. Lost Penguin

      Lost Penguin

      thanks senpai 

    2. ilovekaramorethanthebeatle


      I don't have anything interesting to say though :ny-lol:

    3. Lost Penguin

      Lost Penguin

      Boring Senpai 

  8. I'm stanning Jeongyeon now, so I figured she needed an Ultimate Poll!!! I don't know that much about her yet, hopefully I don't get anything wrong. *can I stan 2 people??? if I can't I'm still Dahyun forever stan and Jeongyeon fan.
  9. ilovekaramorethanthebeatle

    [DISCUSSION] Underrated TWICE songs

    Like Ooh-Ahh Only has 239m views?!?!?! This is the song that brought Twice to fame!!!! Should be 1b views!!!
  10. ilovekaramorethanthebeatle

    [DAHYUNIST/POLL] The New Ultimate Dahyun Poll #1

    Maybe there is an archive that has them.
  11. ilovekaramorethanthebeatle

    [DAHYUNIST/POLL] The New Ultimate Dahyun Poll #3

    That's why she's in the book
  12. I think Migs has returned!!! http://forums.teamtwice.com/profile/14639-migs/

    1. nayeonlover


      hello, it could be another person, migs was tzuyu/dahyun stan :dh-lol: 

    2. ilovekaramorethanthebeatle


      Migs changed biases every second :ny-lol:

  13. ru the original Migs?????!!!?!?!?!?!