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      System Update!   07/20/2017

      Hello Team Twice Community members! As of 20/07/17 (20 JUly 2017) our IPS System has updated! With this major update comes new features that we are reviewing and testing and also a broken theme! As we wait for our theme to be fixed we will be using the IPS 4.2 theme that we ahve named TEMP. We hope that this temp theme wont be around for too long! and we will be posting a full announcement on features and what they mean for our forums shortly   <3 Nom

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  1. Happy Birthday! :))))

    1. JokbalManiaMomo


      Thank you! You all made my day! :ny-yes:

    2. TWIC3_Sapphire


      Ooo, happy birthday. :congrats: 

  2. Would you like to buy badges and figures?

    so cute! if only i have money
  3. Thanks!

    twice cheers everyone up, indeed. And I really want to meet them in person too. Probably not anytime soon, but I will Thank you too for joining this forum :) Sure, everyone here is good, and you can meet many friends here
  4. all thanks to onces, igot7s and jyp stans LOL
  5. happy birthday!!!!! i miss u TT

  6. heyyYYY

    안녕하세요! I'm Chaerry from the Philippines and my bias is chaeng! Welcome to TTF! <3
  7. Fool's Gold (SaMo x NaMo)

    yea, saw this already and it's nice
  8. Hello.

    Hello! Welcome to TTF!
  9. Hello~ new member here

    Hello and welcome to the forum! You;ll never regret signing up here ;) Visit the spazz threads a lot and you'll find some awesome things there ;)
  10. Hi ONCES

    Hello and welcome to the forum! Have fun exploring ;) matching dps and sigs
  11. Hi! I'm new ><

    nah, it's okay