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  1. chaerrybear

    [DISCUSSION]Your favourite part of What is love MV

    chaeng's part is the cutest. jeongsa's part is the most iconic.
  2. chaerrybear

    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    Hello Unique! Your name is so unique! charot hahaha welcome to ttf! Do drop by on the chatbox or discord if u wanna talk ^^
  3. chaerrybear

    [INFO] Does Tzuyu think she's the top visual of TWICE?

    lmao very well explained
  4. chaerrybear

    Myself and Twice

    Hello and welcome to the TTF family! Please don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any confusions with the forum. Have a nice day!
  5. MBC "King of Masked Singer", April 22nd (Episode 150), 4.50pm-KST : Momo, Mina & Chaeyoung
  6. chaerrybear

    MBC "King of Masked Singer" (Episodes 149)

    MBC "King of Masked Singer", April 15th (Episodes 149), 4.50pm-KST : Momo, Mina & Chaeyoung
  7. chaerrybear

    KBS2 "Hello Counselor", 11pm-KST

    KBS2 "Hello Counselor", April 9th, 11pm-KST with Jeongyeon, Sana & Tzuyu
  8. Groups who had a comeback recently tends to get higher ranks. That is why Twice is at 4th spot. Let's wait for the comeback & they will definitely get the top spot.
  9. chaerrybear

    [GAME] I Spy (Season 2: Sykotic Cherry Bananas?)

    Idk, lips?? Hint pls
  10. chaerrybear

    Yo! I'm a Dahyun fan introducing myself :)

    Hello! Welcome to the TTF family!