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  1. chaerrybear

    Jokbal is 1 year old now!

    happy 1 year jason dy! u gotta know that you're one in a million
  2. chaerrybear

    [DISCUSSION]Anyone miss XX

    tag na yan
  3. chaerrybear

    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    afaik we havent. tho i wish we did
  4. chaerrybear

    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

  5. c. vividfilm c. 친구챙이 c. Honey Chaeng c. CYBlossom c. 시간은금 c. Studio PARN c. A Born Artist c. olam2324 c. There Be Dream
  6. chaerrybear


    Welcome Tan!
  7. chaerrybear

    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    Happy Independence Day everyone!
  8. Happy birthday to the real Bryan :jh-cheer:

  9. c. TwiceOnceLand
  10. i miss long haired mina c. 꿈나라
  11. chaerrybear

    [DISCUSSION]Anyone miss XX

    Hello. Anyone has the right to post any topics they want as long as they abide by the rules. I see nothing wrong with #Twice making this and I don't get why you're bothered by it. Have a good day! And btw, she's a she.