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  1. This game is completely stolen from @Kid Dino's game at 4velvet (which he also found on other forum) Same rules apply. Just state the reason why you love the person above you- reason can be anything [personality, twice, about that person, their contribution in TTF or some random friendly facts] Let's start! (start with me of course)
  2. chaerrybear

    [GAME] Name the person above you

    The title's kinda confusing but I assure you the rules are not. lol You just have to give the person above you a name (a legit one). Any kinds of name will do, just avoid using explicit (or not so pleasing) words in naming that person. The names can also be based on their username. You can also reason out why you chose that name but if you think it's too tiring, then don't. Example: person 1 (ilivefordahyun'scheeks) (pertaining to me, the host): Cherry person 2 (hellopeaches): Daniel, because i want to person 3 (amazingsana): Pia because i also want to and so on (the usernames used above is made by me. no users with those usernames exists. or so i think) Let's start! (start with me the host)
  3. chaerrybear

    [GAME] Kpop Bias

    Name your bias in the kpop group above you. Example person 1: twice person 2: Tzuyu ; EXO person 3: Sehun ; T-ara and so on Let's start! TWICE
  4. chaerrybear

    [WONCE] Custom Group (50000 ₩once & 500 posts)

    Custom group and Custom Rank Title are different. You can purchase custom rank title here. And no, you can't get a custom banner when purchasing a custom rank title.
  5. chaerrybear

    Finally having 1 year

    Happy 1 year Plumie!
  6. chaerrybear

    Jokbal is 1 year old now!

    happy 1 year jason dy! u gotta know that you're one in a million
  7. ONGOING. NO PROMISE OF UPDATES. I'M BUSY SO IDK IF I CAN FINISH LOL. Basically a story I made when I got inspired to write fanfics. I'll be using TTF members' names BUT NOT THEIR PERSONALITIES. I only stole their names and not what & who they really are lol. No prologue XD
  8. chaerrybear

    [DISCUSSION]Anyone miss XX

    tag na yan
  9. chaerrybear

    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    afaik we havent. tho i wish we did
  10. chaerrybear

    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

  11. chaerrybear

    [NAYEONIST/PIC] Nayeon A Day!

    c. jellybeans
  12. c. vividfilm c. 친구챙이 c. Honey Chaeng c. CYBlossom c. 시간은금 c. Studio PARN c. A Born Artist c. olam2324 c. There Be Dream
  13. chaerrybear


    Welcome Tan!
  14. chaerrybear

    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    Happy Independence Day everyone!
  15. Momo and Chaeyoung went inside the store to do some shopping And Mina who waited for them outside the store became invisible..ㅠㅠ Mina herself found that fascinating.. -This reminds me of my first time seeing her in I Can See Your Voice.. She looked so pretty that day, I literally went 'Huk.. Who's that?' when I saw her.. -She looks so cute..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I think these pictures were taken when she left the store, though..ㅋㅋ There are some pictures of her shopping together with Momo and Chaeyoung inside the store! -I personally think Mina is the prettiest member in Twice..ㅠㅠ She's a goddess.. -Mina is so pretty..ㅠㅠ She can have me..ㅠㅠ -Whoa..ㅠㅠ -Oh boy..ㅠㅠㅠ -Mina is seriously the prettiest woman I've ever seen in my life..ㅠㅠ -Look at her visual, her body line, her body proportional.. She's flawless..ㅠㅠ -She looks so elegant and beautiful.. On top of that, she has a really good body proportional..ㅠㅠ source (eng): pannative (orig): instiz
  16. Happy birthday to the real Bryan :jh-cheer:

  17. c. TwiceOnceLand
  18. i miss long haired mina c. 꿈나라
  19. chaerrybear

    [DISCUSSION]Anyone miss XX

    Hello. Anyone has the right to post any topics they want as long as they abide by the rules. I see nothing wrong with #Twice making this and I don't get why you're bothered by it. Have a good day! And btw, she's a she.
  20. Top girl groups TWICE and Red Velvet are more than just fellow idols – they’re best friends as well! c. utiful Whenever they have a chance to interact, the members have been spotted showing their affection for each other. At a recent fansign, Yeri revealed that she was so close to Nayeon that Nayeon even has a special nickname for her. Yeri: *sees post-it note* YemYemi? Fan: YemYemi~ Yeri: YemYemi~ There’s only one person who calls me this name Fan: Who…? Yeri: TWICE’s Nayeon-unnie~ Fan: Oh?! Really??!?! YemYemi is cute haha Yeri: RimRimi YemYemi~ Fans of the two groups have noticed that Nayeon and Yeri are especially close despite being in different groups and being 4 years apart. But they’re not the only TWICE and Red Velvet members who are friends with each other! Last winter’s Idol Star Athletics Championships was filled with TWICE and Red Velvet interactions, and fans couldn’t get enough! Since then, the girls have continued to hint at their friendship and even promote each other’s activities whenever given the chance. They know each other’s dances and love to do short covers. And they’ve even shown each other love on Instagram! TWICE and Red Velvet are surely two of K-Pop’s top girl groups right now, and their adorable friendship only makes them more lovable. c. a born artist source: koreaboo
  21. TWICE’s new MV for the Japanese version of TT is full of little clues leading back to each members’ costumes from the original version. While some are in plain sight, other are much harder to spot. Here they all are! Mina Mina’s cinema ticket has a skull and crossbones on it, a trademark sign that a pirate is nearby. Chaeyoung Chaeyoung’s magazine is titled “Amazing Mermaid” a clear reference to her amphibious past. Tzuyu Tzuyu appeared in the original video as a vampire, and in the Japanese version, she’s seen sipping on a blood red drink. Jungyeon Just next to Jungyeon is a Pinocchio hanging from the car’s rearview mirror, while she appeared as a puppet who had come alive in the Korean MV. Sana At the start of the MV, a superhero’s mask can be seen on the car’s license plate, just like the one Sana used to hide her true identity. Nayeon Nayeon’s longboard is covered in fun stickers, some of which hint at her devil outfit in the original MV. Dahyun Dahyun’s stuffed toy looks just like the playful rabbit costume Dahyun wore. Jihyo In the Korean MV, Jihyo was seen in a glamorous ballgown as an ice queen, just like the one on the cookie she’s eating. Momo Finally, Momo the fairy is seen in the updated MV holding a playing card with a picture of a suspiciously similar creature. source: koreaboo
  22. TWICE is known for being a group full of visuals, and it looks like they got their good looks from their parents. It looks like idol visual genetics truly exist, and the TWICE members’ visually stunning parents are living proof! Nayeon’s mother sang a duet with her on KBS’s end of the year awards show. Jeongyeon’s father on the left, while her sister (actress Gong Seongyeon) is on the right. Momo’s mom and dad appeared on TWICE’s reality show. Her uncle attended KCON Japan 2016 with her parents. Sana’s parents have been known to be very young. They were seen attending TWICE’s comeback showcase. Jihyo’s mom is seated on the lower row on the left side, next to Nayeon’s mom. Mina’s baby photo with her mother! Mina’s parents also made an appearance on TWICE’s Elegant Private Life. Dahyun’s family share her signature milky-white skin. Chaeyoung’s mother is extremely youthful and charming. Both Tzuyu and her mom are visual aces. source: koreaboo