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  1. [BIRTHDAY] Sana's Birthday Message Book

    The book came out fantastic!! Sana will defs love this
  2. Your Kpop Collection

    This is the most hectic TWICE collection in the world holy moly. Good job with this man HAHAHA
  3. This is such a heartwarming FMV, can't believe a year has passed already and they've accomplished so much. Thanks @ozaira and @myouiminass for making this incredible video!
  4. TTF Birthday Thread

  5. TTF Birthday Thread

    I turned 19 HAHAHAHA
  6. TTF Birthday Thread

    THANKS A LOT GUYS!! I really appreciate it hehehe
  7. Happiest birthday again to you dear! Here's a simple present for you. 

    http://madimadine.imgur.com/all/?third_party=1#_=_ hope you like it :D

    1. patzuyu


      HAHAHAH THANKS SO MUCH MADINE! I can't seem to see the present awwwss

    2. madine


      Aww, I'm sorry. I'll just send it to you thru pm. :jy-cutie: hope you had a blast! 

  8. OMG, pal! Happiest birthday to you, Patty!! Hope you have a blast :jh-heart:

  9. TTF Birthday Thread

  10. Gif banners are super sick! I'll talk it over with the fellow admins and let y'all know :)
  11. congratulations on the new job!!!

    1. patzuyu


      ayeeee thanks beatle!! :cy-cutie:

  12. she looked soooo soooooooooo good for this teaser icb
  13. I wonder why the thread was locked It's been unlocked now fellow Sanationers, keep on spazzing about our Queen Minatozaki