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  1. Happy birthday!! :congrats:

  2. Happiest birthday again to you dear! Here's a simple present for you. 

    http://madimadine.imgur.com/all/?third_party=1#_=_ hope you like it :D

    1. patzuyu


      HAHAHAH THANKS SO MUCH MADINE! I can't seem to see the present awwwss

    2. madine


      Aww, I'm sorry. I'll just send it to you thru pm. :jy-cutie: hope you had a blast! 

  3. OMG, pal! Happiest birthday to you, Patty!! Hope you have a blast :jh-heart:

  4. congratulations on the new job!!!

    1. patzuyu


      ayeeee thanks beatle!! :cy-cutie:

  5. she looked soooo soooooooooo good for this teaser icb
  6. I wonder why the thread was locked It's been unlocked now fellow Sanationers, keep on spazzing about our Queen Minatozaki

    S-A-N-A  M-I-T-A-T-O-Z-A-K-I 


  8. Thank you for following me!! :mm-heart:

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    2. cutegorami


      Ahh... I'm sorry :mm-pdnim:

      What is your channel name?? :ny-hmm:

    3. patzuyu


      HAHAHAH it's connected to my personal account so I'd rather not say :ny-lol:

    4. cutegorami
  9. patzuyu

    [CLOSED] OTP: SaiDa & MiMo Awards!

    Can i please just vote for all of the saida awards :"((((((
  10. YOU WONT BELIEVE WHAT CARD I GOT IN MY CHEER UP ALBUM. I GOT SANA'S SPECIAL CARD. HER GODDAMN HOLOGRAPHIC CARD. this is a sign I should revert to Sanaism!!! I wanted to tell you first my fellow Sana follower. PRAISE SANA OUR LORD AND SAVIOR. xD



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    2. Nursesalmonrolls


      help I'm swerving back to Momo's lane after watching hit the stage hahhaha omg



    3. Mina'sPenguins


      @spicysalmonrolls u have no idea how jelly i am of u rn it's not even funny *cries a river* :mn-cry::sob::mn-uhm:do tell us about your experience there. i wish i could see mina in person... mebe i will soon

    4. Nursesalmonrolls


      @Mina'sPenguins of course I will! I'm super excited I'm gonna see all their lovely selves in person I can hardly contain my excitement! I'm planning to go to the airport if they come but idk when they will LMAO



  11. What a beautiful, beautiful thread I think all the members have slapped another members butt at least once, we're gonna need a thread for each individual member HAHAHAHAHHA