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  1. i always found Tzuyu beautiful but with purple hair .. oh........my GOD!!!!!!!!
  2. This is how i love sana. that outfit is sooo her :)
  3. oh my god. she looks stunning. school girl outfit? :) where is this picture from?
  4. Oh my god! This made my whole day!
  5. Mina looks amazing. That expression. And the too long sleeves outfit. Its slayin .
  6. TTF Birthday Thread

    My birthday is 21 Oct

  8. The Official SaMo (Sana + Momo) Thread

    Yeah it is. Just found it
  9. The Official SaMo (Sana + Momo) Thread

    I absolutly love SaMo <3 Where is this clips from?
  10. ⭐What's your First Kpop Song?⭐

    BESTie - Love options
  11. Oh my GOD! Sana looks perfect here! Love her hair and outfit and smile ^_^
  12. Whyyy why why why Dont cry Mina I cryed like a baby at that round. Guess that means I failed? Poor Mina