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  1. [GAME] Who is your TWICE girlfriend?

  2. dude jonghyun passed away

    1. Spullo


      I've been trying to stay away from news about it. I spent most of the day of and after reading everything I could find. Truly heartbroken and I would have never known either which makes it even worse. Sorry for replying so late, hope you're doing alright...

    2. Spullo


      I read a post about a phrase that kind of struck me. Idols can do so much to help the lives of fans and lessen the suffering some people have, but fans are limited in what they can do in return for the idol's they care about as well. The idol industry is a brutal one, all we can really do is keep the best memories alive.

  3. Palace 1st Anniversary

    Pups you were right all along I am pretty handsome!
  4. TTF Joke Corner :^)

    Hmmm What does a karate student drink? Waa-tahh
  5. TTF Chat WTF Moments

    LMAO I Cringe at myself
  6. Gotcha, ill check it out Ima get some rest, I have to wake up later to listen to a audio stream for jonghyun concert goodnight!
  7. Ima check it out~~ I need some new anime to watch We can get in to trouble by going off topic? I just miss having our own custom banners~ it was unique and cool
  8. Who is in your profile pic? is it from an anime?
  9. Yea is me XD I now noticed that I hadn't put a profile pic up ever since I left~ well nice to meet you Phebe
  10. awww that sucks. :( sorry to hear that
  11. Ugh being a twice and shinee stan is so tough :( my heart can't handle of whats to come

    1. Park Shin Hye

      Park Shin Hye

      Does this also involve buying taemin & jonghyun's albums as well :ny-hmm:


  12. The year after.

    Congrats on your anniversary <3333333 and many more to come^^
  13. I miss the banners... especially mines