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  1. Dead?

    Me too. As will myself.
  2. Dead?

    I agree Staff inactivity is a Nono whatever happened to the old adage, the Capital goes down with the Ship ?

    Greetings new ONCEling. New Pingu I see. Minari Class. I am ZED. Senior member here.
  4. Dead?

    I notice that too …... Amino App et al things could be responsible for this slowdown or maybe it is just me that is sowing things down ….. ONCEs have gone “elsewhere” or “abroad” to due things now. Back times. Just when I needed more social life and now THIS HAPPENS.?!?! 🥜
  5. I am glad that EXID is Popular with Oh My Girl Members Binnie and Arin. Considering that the two are quite in common with each other in terms of things.
  6. A new 🐧 is born!

    Greetings 🖖 welcome 🙏 to our humble place in the internet. You mean Mina’s penguins 🐧 @Minari 🐧 . .? they are around here somewhere …
  7. They should have asked me if I could play an autistic Asperger’s individual. I am of course am Autistic Asperger’s person. Oh well.
  8. Oh my goodnesses Terrible. Terrible.
  9. Hmmm. I wonder what they would contrast to my favourites of Serpentza and Laowhy86 from ADVChina. They both are quite similar to each other in most respects. ADVChina is in China 🇨🇳, though. Still, looks awesome 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 …
  10. I'm back and I have never been so depressed

    We are here for you now ... No problems are that important to keep suppressed ... Especially Depression ... .
  11. Hmmm my favourite wishes would be 1) Cure my anger problem 2) Win the SDRC Mayor ballot 3) Make the Southern Downs of Queensland a greater place.
  12. [FAN ART] Melody Chaeng TT

    I remember when this happened. 2016. And 12-20 million hearts ♥️ 💕 as well on vlive . Very tiring tapping away with the hearts ♥️ 💕 on vLive. Great 👍 fun time for me.

    Harder than it looks, these dance moves are. Momo is gooooooooooood.