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TWICEcoaster: Lane 1
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  1. Carpathia


    Greetings new ONCEling. New Pingu I see. Minari Class. I am ZED. Senior member here.
  2. I am glad that EXID is Popular with Oh My Girl Members Binnie and Arin. Considering that the two are quite in common with each other in terms of things.
  3. Carpathia

    A new 🐧 is born!

    Greetings 🖖 welcome 🙏 to our humble place in the internet. You mean Mina’s penguins 🐧 @Minari 🐧 . .? they are around here somewhere …
  4. They should have asked me if I could play an autistic Asperger’s individual. I am of course am Autistic Asperger’s person. Oh well.
  5. Oh my goodnesses Terrible. Terrible.
  6. Hmmm. I wonder what they would contrast to my favourites of Serpentza and Laowhy86 from ADVChina. They both are quite similar to each other in most respects. ADVChina is in China 🇨🇳, though. Still, looks awesome 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 …
  7. Carpathia

    [FAN ART] Melody Chaeng TT

    I remember when this happened. 2016. And 12-20 million hearts ♥️ 💕 as well on vlive . Very tiring tapping away with the hearts ♥️ 💕 on vLive. Great 👍 fun time for me.
  8. Carpathia


    Harder than it looks, these dance moves are. Momo is gooooooooooood.
  9. My number two favourite in TWICE.
  10. Jeongyeon is like an Angel from who is getting a little Earth Time with us.
  11. Carpathia


    Annyeong, to you ... I am Carpathia, from Australia ... Jihyo is so awesome ... deserves all the love in the universe ... Alas, my bias is Jeongyeon ... with Jihyo being my number 2, bias wrecker ... I know what it is likey to be a Fledgling here so you are not alone ...
  12. Me too. I joined up over 25 wins ago. Around the time of Like Ohh Aah.
  13. Congratulations on the 33 wins … As this rate, TWICE will break the 100 win barrier in less than 3 years. It would be a nice trophy for the cabinet to get this.
  14. The fine drawings have reminded me of the illustrations from Enid Blyton series of books that I read in my youth. You have done a great job of making these. Jeongyeon, Mina, Chae, Jihyo and TZUYU looks awesome.
  15. Carpathia

    From Vietnam with love

    Greetings, new Once
  16. Carpathia

    [GAME] Yum or eww

    Yummmmmmmm okay my turn Pocari Sweat ??.
  17. Carpathia

    [PIC] 171130 TWICE x Sudden Attack

    *Quietly saves them all*
  18. * Dies* from Jeongyeon’s great visuals.
  19. Carpathia


    Hello @Nicholas welcome to double life … TWICE and Once. I am a bit sleepy 💤 sleepyhead now.
  20. Carpathia

    The Most Influential Girl Groups

    Visualize … What does the term Korean Girl Group mean. That is what is meant by most influential girls groups.
  21. Happy 😊 (Late) Birthday 🎁 Momo. I know. I am late. Alas I assumed that I posted it. The message Must have been lost in subspace.
  22. I admire Momo for the simple fact that she teaches me how much true presence is in a person. Never judge persons based on their appearance alone.
  23. Like Sones say, being the top means being the best of the Generation. I aam only contrasting, not comparing, when I say that TWICE is like Susan Devoy, what Soshi is to Heather McKay. Just saying.