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  1. cuz they're abusing their power
  2. rel

    Jokbal. Is. Back.

    welcome back
  3. rel

    Another payment gateway

    I'll think about it. Thanks!
  4. Phebe

    Happy birthday!

    Please love me



    happy birthday :dh-wink:

  6. Happy Birthday lord rel


  7. Happy Birthday! :ty-hehe:

  8. rel

    I just want TTF to look more organized......

    Thanks for taking action by pointing it out, but you dont have to 'give opinion' cuz he posted a lot of topics or news. If it's wrong, our staff will took it down. Let is decide on what we have to say on this matter, not freaking out bcs of it. And yes, it is ridiculous. It came to me like ' ohhh i can no longer view this forum cuz sacheol posted too much news!', if you have anything to complaint, come directly to us. Let us decide. No need to flame. You wouldn't like it if it happens to you, don't you? And my intention is always for the best for the forums member. Either they did the right things or the bad ones, well decide what to do. Keep the flame and salt somewhere else. The forum wont be a better place with that attitude, init? Edit: and ohh, or you could press the 'report' function in the posts to notify us if any article he posted later on is bothering you. This works as well amd we'll respond accordingly :))
  9. rel

    I just want TTF to look more organized......

    Maybe its started as an arguement but later on ppl kept on coming here and agreeing with what you're implying, which is Sacheol shouldn't post that article on that sub-forum. He's just posting an article which for him a piece worthy enough to be shared with us. Our choices is either read it or just ignore it. But why all the blaming and flaming? Is it necessary? Its just an article. Still, he didn't do anything wrong. It's either your personal hatred against him or you're just someone who doesn't like to see a good article posted here, your choice. As for the 'not searching for a specific topic but to surf on the entire page' thing, i never saw him posting a lot of topics to the point that it blocked my ability to surf around searching for the threads that interest me. The excuses u gave is ridiculous. For cursing? Sorry then.
  10. rel

    I just want TTF to look more organized......

    Sacheol did nothing wrong. It's you guys who's attacking him. Wth is wrong with u guys
  11. rel

    Hey there!

    welcome to TTF
  12. rel

    Lemon Joins Team Twice!!

    @TT.lemon welcome to TTF
  13. It won't change unless we admins said so ☺️