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  1. Happy birthday!

    Please love me


  2. Happy Birthday lord rel


  3. Hey there!

    welcome to TTF
  4. Lemon Joins Team Twice!!

    @TT.lemon welcome to TTF
  5. The "Show me your face" thread!

    *psst don't spoil the fun in selca thread*
  6. [WONCE] Custom Group (50000 ₩once & 500 posts)

    It won't change unless we admins said so ☺️
  7. [WONCE] Custom Group (50000 ₩once & 500 posts)

    Look ay my first post, its already written there. I only post that reply when it seems like u guys having hard time to differentiate custom group and banner when i already put there in the line, custom group ... comes with banner. Im not saying its a different thing or it was not connected, but i chose to explain it one by one. Its not complicated, its already stated there.
  8. [WONCE] Custom Group (50000 ₩once & 500 posts)

    No, name color wont change. It depends on your main group e.g my main group is admin thus my custom group is in red color. To put it simply, just look at my profile and I'll explain here. 1. Look at the Tzuyuholics in my profile, that's custom group. Custom group means the group that you bought for yourself and it was not offered to anyone else such as staff group, donor group or special event group. The one being offered right now is the song title, which comes with free banner as well. If you decided to get your own custom group, your album it will be overridden by the custom. 2. Custom banner is the one you've been quoting. Its only available for me and wasn't offered to anyone else, same thing as my explanation of custom group. 3. Custom member rank, mine is Gatekeeper of tzuyuniverse, still, only the one to have cuz its custom.
  9. ' 누가 싫어하는 건 내 문제 아냐 '


  10. [WONCE] Custom Rank Title (4000 Wonce)

    Hi ! Sorry but you need 4000 Wonce in order to purchase custom rank title.