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  1. nayeonlover

    Hi everyone!

    Hello my friend Welcome to TTF and enjoy your stay
  2. nayeonlover


    hello my friend, welcome to ttf and enjoy your stay here
  3. nayeonlover

    i just join! (´。• ᵕ •。`)

    hello my friend Welcome to TTF and enjoy your stay here
  4. red lipstick nayeon is luv
  5. nayeonlover


    hello my friend! Welcome to TTF and enjoy your stay here
  6. nayeonlover

    [AWARDS] Organisation Request Thread

    top left: selcas - nayeon top right: likey - nayeon bottom left: what is love - nayeon bottom right: candy pop - nayeon
  7. nayeonlover

    [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    Username: nayeonlover Post Count: 1209 Award Request: so I found out I can still request 4 era awards, I want to request: candy pop - nayeon what is love - nayeon likey - nayeon heart shaker - nayeon and then I want to make a swap request: knock knock - dahyun for one more time - nayeon like ooh ahh - dahyun for signal - nayeon tt - dahyun for cheer up - nayeon
  8. nayeonlover

    [AWARDS] Wonce Awards Request Thread

    username: nayeonlover award requesting: selcas - nayeon
  9. nayeonlover

    Hiya !

    Hello there! Welcome to TTF and enjoy your stay here :)
  10. nayeonlover

    New Swan is Born

    Hello! Welcome to TTF and have fun here
  11. nayeonlover

    Yo! I'm a Dahyun fan introducing myself :)

    Hello there! Welcome to ttf and have fun here
  12. nayeonlover

    Hi fellow ONCE!

    Hello! I hope you enjoy your stay here
  13. I was looking for a full version of it directly after the concert but I couldn't get my hands on it :mm-wut: but I finally found it... gonna watch this tonight :mn-praise: 

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    2. syko


      uhh I actually haven't downloaded any of their albums, I usually just go on youtube :ny-hmm: I do have a few of my favourite of their songs on drive tho, I could share those with you at least if you want

    3. Palace


      :ny-yes: Yes! that would be awesome 

    4. syko


      I don't think I have your email, pm me it

  14. nayeonlover

    Hello From California

    hello my friend! hope u enjoy ur stay here