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  1. Hi fellow ONCE!

    Hello! I hope you enjoy your stay here
  2. I was looking for a full version of it directly after the concert but I couldn't get my hands on it :mm-wut: but I finally found it... gonna watch this tonight :mn-praise: 

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    2. syko


      uhh I actually haven't downloaded any of their albums, I usually just go on youtube :ny-hmm: I do have a few of my favourite of their songs on drive tho, I could share those with you at least if you want

    3. Palace


      :ny-yes: Yes! that would be awesome 

    4. syko


      I don't think I have your email, pm me it

  3. Hello From California

    hello my friend! hope u enjoy ur stay here
  4. pretty sig you have :mm-wow:

    1. Cupcake Cupid

      Cupcake Cupid

      and you have a cute dp!

    2. nayeonlover


      thanks, I find it very cute as well :ny-cute:

    3. Cupcake Cupid
  5. Jeongyeon Make Momo cry Hurt Mina's feelings be a thrice for the rest of myr life see TWICE disbanding ? Cheat on Jihyo Dump Tzuyu Get caught cheating by Mina Save Chaeyoung being manipulated by Jihyo sibling Make Jeongyeon hate me have Jeongyeon's parents insult me Chaeyoung Nayeon Momo Tzuyu Jeongyeon Momo Sana Jihyo Tzuyu Mina Dahyun Sana Be in a long distance relationship with Momo Chaeyoung Dahyun Sana Jihyo some hard questions you got there, but as you said, it's just a game so I tried to stay composed
  6. TellUsYour Life Goal!!

    I hope u fullfil all of them, even the 4th one which is clearly the most difficult one
  7. TellUsYour Life Goal!!

    I thought you were just pointing out the similar goals you are still young, I wish I had had those goals since I was your age
  8. TellUsYour Life Goal!!

    I thought you meant it like we had similar goals awwww, that's true, too bad we can still cheer for each other from far away tho
  9. TellUsYour Life Goal!!

    such coincidence
  10. TellUsYour Life Goal!!

    My life goals are pretty simple 1. Major in English Teaching And Maybe Get A Second Degree In Japanese or Korean Teaching And Work With This 2. Live in Japan or South Korea, Now this one depends a lot, I haven't settled one, maybe the one I find the job in first xD 3. Go To a Concert Of My Fav Idol Groups (Apink, Loona & Twice) 4. Find a Girl Whom I Love and That Loves Me and Have a Family and Kids (3-4) With Her Now I think the most difficult one among those is definitely the 4th one
  11. [WONCE] Early Display Name Change (2000 Wonce)

    Current Username: kimliploverUsername Requesting: nayeonlover
  12. 안녕하세요

    Hello! Welcome to TTF and have fun here!
  13. [WONCE] Early Display Name Change (2000 Wonce)

    Current Username: nayeonlover Username Requesting: kimliplover
  14. chatbox is back!!!! and that means time for the Hall of Fame to get new inductees

  15. The "Show me your face" thread!

    what does that mean