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braised pig trotters

TWICEcoaster: Lane 1
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  1. Ha , U unfollow me and now u follow me back XD

    1. braised pig trotters

      braised pig trotters

      It was anaCCIDENT IM SORRYY

  2. not now sorry haha I gotta go somewhere
  3. im back! Haha it's great to see u again!
  4. Man, a lot has changed :jy-aww:loving these new emoticons btw

  5. ooh, what's this??? this is a quiz for u ounces😵😵, u crazy bunch !!! 😜😜. This is the true test for ur love for twic! also (I'm sorry in advance please be aware that this is a joke and please laugh) alRIGHT MAY THE GAMES BEGIN I'm sorry to everyone who will read this
  6. HERES SOME noot noot STAmina kobi Bryant kobingsoo papa ko piNGOO PUT THAT BACK im sorry I'm really bad at this
  8. Lmao wassuppp
  9. I'm back wOO

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    2. katylau612


      yes , 4 months . I heard that u have exams

       Things changed a lot in here

       And the chatbox now is getting a lot of ships , u need to get sunglasses

    3. braised pig trotters
    4. katylau612


      I just notice that I am more experienced than u ....

       I got more posts and followers

      wanna join a chatroom that is for onces

       just sent me your kkt id is ok

  10. i just got into btob and theyre really good oml my bias is either ilhoon or changsub lol
  11. WHY EXAMS WHY ARHGH OMG I WONT BE AS active until aft exams in 6weeks lol im sorry friendZ

    1. katylau612


      • 6 weeks omg
      • 6 weeks omg
      • *
  12. Pure innocent little sun beam
  13. twice

    nice! these are really good, zeba!