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  1. I've being thinking about that alot For me twice is a really good name actually it's an excellent name but it will be fun if onces gave some names to twice . I thought of: -Masterpiece - G9 - G.nation - G.N.T ( girls national team ) - perfect nine - feminist union Sorry for this weird names What about you ? What would you name Twice?
  2. You're so lucky
  3. Yeah soooo cute
  4. You're right You're so lucky for being able to meet mina
  5. I'm in love with tzuyu selcas they're amazing source: Source: Credit: twicetagram
  6. There's alot of important and precious moments for me like : Twice first win Twice first deasung Twice in jyp nation I really can't get over this moments What about you ??
  7. Totally agree I think that too
  8. Lol she will absolutely be a good cheerleader I said doctor because she will be the doctor and the medcine at the same time
  9. I don't exactly know what job will they have but i have some ideas Nayeon : babysitter or actress Jeongyeon : model Momo : dancer or choreographer Sana : cheerleader Jihyo: CEO Mina : ballet dancer Dahyun : teacher Chaeyoung : rapper or writer Tzuyu : doctor or dancer What about you ? What you think twice would be if the weren't idols ?
  10. I've loved twice since sixteen And my bias then was tzuyu , I'm happy that she's still my bias till now How about ? How long have you being once? Since Sixteen ? Ooh ahh ? Cheer up ? Or TT?
  11. I've fell in love with them without even know Yeah me too
  12. She's so precious Me too Yeah it's one of the best things Yeah they're Yeah i really love that about them
  13. No , i feel you Yeah Me too
  14. I love a lot of things about twice , i actually can't count them but the things I love the most are : 1. Their team work 2.their hard working 3.their cheerful persenalities 4. Every member in twice have her own charm 5. They always support other groups. ..... What about you ??
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