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  1. Oooh, happy late birthday <3 I was just visiting your profile, I love your profile pic so much !! we have very close bdays btw, mine's today :sn-heart:

    1. liraeyllis


      Thaaaaank you! Happy birthday too~ Hope you had a great day today :sn-heart:


  2. Bonne anniversaire Lucie! :dh-chu:

    1. Lucie


      Ooooh merci :D

    2. Plume


      De rien hehe :dh-yas:


    I am soooo happy to have joined this community (and the Once fandom, of course) :ny-cute:

    My post count is 439, wich is not that bad, I guess ? Also, thank you soooo much for the 81 reputation points :sn-heart:

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    2. Shyness
    3. MyiMina


      CONGRATS LUCIE <3 :saida-hug: 

    4. Lucie


      Thank you very much to you all !!! sorry I forgot to come back since then :u:

  4. THANKS FOR SHARING THIS !!! it's the best thing ever o_o
  5. I am going to need this. This is the most beautiful photo of Dahyun I ever saw I feel like crying :') And Nayeon looks sooooo perfectly natural here she is so pretty Also please be cheap dear sweet tiny photobook Sincerely, Your broke potential once buyers.
  6. JYP Entertainment Responds To TWICE Acid Attack Threats

    Oh my god some haters just don't know where to stop
  7. Team 2Yeon an Dahyo (or as you call it, JiDa)
  8. [DAHYUNIST/PIC] Daily Tofu

    Pale blue + orange hair = killer Dahyunnie
  9. I knowww T-T I'm not giving up though Exo or Bigbang will get my revenge
  10. Some of my """"""friends"""""" once were mean to me because they're directionners and I like K-pop (I had them listen to Like Ooh-Ahh) NOW IS CAN GET MY REVENGE è-é
  11. This is why Nayeon is my heart-wrecker
  12. She was my bias, a long time ago... It struck me how beautiful she was in Cheer Up and how both cute and sexy she was in Like Ooh-Ahh... now I just love her personnality and the way she laughs <3
  13. [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    Username: Lucie Post Count: 430 Award Requesting: "Knock Knock" - Dahyun Thanks
  14. Hey guys ! So, I guess you saw all of the new Twiceland Encore merch ! More stuff to break the international fan's heart, huh You can buy the goods on withdrama.co.kr but the shipping is pretty expensive... Anyway, I wanted to have your opinion on all of these things ! I love the idea of objects designed by Twice. I wish I could get a photocard binder but they're pretty expensive... I think the figures are very cute and have a great size. Though I'm not sure all of them are this great (Dahyun looks a little too average if you ask me). I love the pins sets though ! And the rare shiny photocards are really awesome (wish we could get those in the regulars albums ). Though my personal fave would be the Dahyun pouch. It's perfect, cute, and everythin !!! I couldn't resist so I bought one on eBay. It's going to be my pencil case So, what do you think ? What are your faves ?
  15. C'est tellement ça :') je suis contente d'avoir créé ce topic du coup :3 Coucouuuuu ^u^