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  1. DlOuxEb.jpg

    1. MyiMina


      She looks like a doll... :mn-gasp: 

    2. syko


      this again :ny-pose: also welcome baaaaaack SCREEEEEEEEEEE :dh-eagle: 

    3. chaerrybear
  2. #DabsForDubu

    [DISCUSSION] Twicetagram Christmas edition?

    Please no. Unless the Christmas Edition had more songs then I'm good thanks
  3. #DabsForDubu

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #LIKEY

    Guess I'll have one <_<
  4. I love ur profile so much :cy-fluffy:

  5. To think, this time last year I had no idea who TWICE were... Coming up to my first anniversary with teamtwice and with TWICE altogether

    love you all 


    1. MyiMina


      happy 1 year anniversary in TTF and as a Once ♥

      We love you too !!

    2. BabyBear


      Love You Too~

  6. HEY NOM!




  7. Happy Late Birthday lol xD I'm still trying to figure out what emotes to get you. have a good day

  8. Hehehehe I'm Being Evil And Doing A Second Bday One >:)

    It's Your Birthday Today :)

    Which Means It's Your Very Special Day Today

    And You're As Special As Your Special Day And Maybe Even More Special

    Know That You're A Really Special Person :)

    Happy Birthday Amelia-Chan!!

    1. #DabsForDubu


      Thank youuuuuuuuuu:ny-chu::mm-heart:

  9. #DabsForDubu

    [AWARDS] Wonce Awards Request Thread

    Username: Amelia-Chan Awards Requesting: OTP - SaiDa and DahMo
  10. hi amelia-chan! aka momo's pudding :ny-look: :jy-jks: Happy birthday! :congrats:

    1. #DabsForDubu


      Thank youuuuuuuuuu:cy-cutie:

  11. Happy Birthday! (Again)

    Although I already greet you on Discord, I also want to greet you here,

    Although we are not friends and we don't know each other well,

    I already treated you as my Family and Friend even though we don't talk to much on Discord and here. :mm-heart:

    Hope you have a memorable and Happy Birthday,

    And also I like your dp hahhahahahaha Mina is soooo cuteee there :mn-gasp: (swerving)

    Happy Birthday Again! Amelie-Chan! :mn-blush:

    1. #DabsForDubu


      Thank youuuuuuuuu:cy-cutie:

  12. #DabsForDubu

    [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    Username: Amelia-Chan Post Count: 418 Award Requesting: "#TWICE" -Nayeon and Chaeyoung

    Happy birthday! :congrats:have a nice day.

    1. #DabsForDubu


      Thank youuuuuuuu :cy-cutie: