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  1. #DabsForDubu


    So I've been super inactive over like a year so I kinda need to so another introduction, but also cause I have a bit of an update for people who already know me. So I'm Alex, I'm genderfluid meaning sometimes I feel like a girl or sometimes a boy or sometimes neither! I used They/Them pronouns! Anyway onto the important stuff! I'm a HUGE fan of TWICE been nearly 2 years since I discovered them, my bias is Dahyun and my wrecker is Nayeon! Honestly though I love all 9 girls with all my heart
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Anyeongg! @#DabsForDubu I think we have met earlier in the Chatbox ahahahah well first I’m really sorry cause I didn’t noticed that it is your birthday today so I wanted to say sorry hahaha, and now I will say my greetings to you hahahah Happy Birthday to you!! I wish I could write more messages but this is it for now ahahahah but anyway’s happy birthday again! And I hope we can be great friends here in TTF or possibly in the real world ahahaha Once again Happy Birthday!! God bless, take care and more birthday’s to come! Have a blast! and Enjoy your Birthday! 

    1. #DabsForDubu


      Thank you so much! That so so nice ;_; we should be friends

  4. #DabsForDubu

    2 chaerrys a day keep the bear away

    I feel honoured to have been mentioned! And I'm so happy you've been enjoying your stay here on this forum!
  5. DlOuxEb.jpg

    1. MyiMina


      She looks like a doll... :mn-gasp: 

    2. syko


      this again :ny-pose: also welcome baaaaaack SCREEEEEEEEEEE :dh-eagle: 

    3. chaerrybear
  6. #DabsForDubu

    [DISCUSSION] Twicetagram Christmas edition?

    Please no. Unless the Christmas Edition had more songs then I'm good thanks
  7. I love ur profile so much :cy-fluffy:

  8. To think, this time last year I had no idea who TWICE were... Coming up to my first anniversary with teamtwice and with TWICE altogether

    love you all 


    1. MyiMina


      happy 1 year anniversary in TTF and as a Once ♥

      We love you too !!

    2. BabyBear


      Love You Too~

  9. HEY NOM!




  10. Happy Late Birthday lol xD I'm still trying to figure out what emotes to get you. have a good day

  11. Hehehehe I'm Being Evil And Doing A Second Bday One >:)

    It's Your Birthday Today :)

    Which Means It's Your Very Special Day Today

    And You're As Special As Your Special Day And Maybe Even More Special

    Know That You're A Really Special Person :)

    Happy Birthday Amelia-Chan!!

    1. #DabsForDubu


      Thank youuuuuuuuuu:ny-chu::mm-heart: