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  1. Happy birthday yennie~:dubchaeng-kiss::dh-chu:

    *hugs and kisses*

  2. happy birthday yennie!

  3. My favorite songs are Turtle, Missing You, 24/7, Look At Me, Dont Give Up. As a whole, this album is soo good tho.
  4. “Luv Me” is my jam! Its on repeat! :dh-eagle:

  5. I may or may not have just bought the 3 photocards set from the fanmeeting. I told myself I wont buy Twice merch anymore but here I go... the pictures are too attractive:jy-stress:cant pass up on it

    1. Cupcake Cupid

      Cupcake Cupid

      relatable i wish i could get twice photos

  6. I bet the fanmeet has merch since on the teasers it says "Copan Global" and WithDrama.:jy-stress:

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    2. chaerrybear
    3. Yennie


      @Cupcake Cupid I wish haha 

      @chaerrybear I hope this means cb is near:ny-yes:

    4. chaerrybear


      philippines is quite near to sk, but the money :mn-cry::jyp-broke:

  7. I bought the Twicezine Jeju and Signal Monograph. Just because I want the photocards lol. I also ordered anime figurines which will release this september. I have no moolah left. :mm-pdnim: Still trying to decide whether to buy a copy or 2 of 'One More Time' single. Then theres the comeback to save for too and whatever surprise is next.  :dh-fp: #OnceProblems

  8. Omg! Twice 1st photobook is so worth the money. The book is beautiful. It has nice binding and the hard cover is so fitting. I am absolutely in love with it! :mm-heart:

    1. Cupcake Cupid

      Cupcake Cupid

      OMG I wish I saw how it looked like :dh-pout:

  9. I just purchased Superevent dvd and the photobook :cy-fluffy:

    im poor :jy-stress: #thethingsidofortwice 


  10. If it weren't sang by Twice, I dont think Id like IGBAS lol . Its annoying but it certainly grows on you but its not something you listen to in the long run like 'Cheer Up' or other titles. IGBAS is my least favorite Twice song. I honestly dont think it could be a hit. Also, i think that it would be more of a reason haters would hate if it did become popular.
  11. I swear some people have the brains of a brick. How can you defend someone who harasses a person?!? Yes, their idols but they're people too. I wonder how they'd feel if a random person just grabs them and touches them. :dh-fp:Their logic is unfathomable and dangerous, I can't. 

  12. I have all their songs except IGBAS since thats CD only. So, I listen to it on Soundcloud
  13. I was tying to convince myself to buy at least one Twice jewelry all day but now that its out on preorder, man its pricey. Im sorry Twice but I cant, not this time. :dh-tt: I know its jewelry and they got all fancy with it being 'limited' and all, not the cheapo kind but its kinda weird that the silver and the leather cost the same  xD

    JYP is really pushing Onces to the limit with the excessive merch! :jyp-money: 

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    2. Yennie


      @chaerrybear same :jy-stress:I wish it was cheaper then maybe.

    3. chaerrybear


      jyp knows how to make us poor :jyp-broke:

    4. Yennie


      @chaerrybear I know but we buy them anyway :ny-soju:

  14. That moment when you're watching SIXTEEN performances again and the feels hit you. Oh, how far they have come!! :jh-myheart:


    1. chaerrybear


      awww :jh-myheart: those moments were so memorable 

    2. Cupcake Cupid

      Cupcake Cupid

      lol SIXTEEN is old but I still watch it two lol

    3. Yennie


      @chaerrybear :jy-cute: 

      @Cupcake Cupid I love watching the last episode because its when we first heard songs from TSB :jy-cutie: