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  1. .............................

  2. This acc will be alive again ! WAKE UP:sn-shy:

  3. We have the same name and bias!

  4. what's up today for Sana ? Huh ? It is going ahead to page 100 ! Wow Awwwww.....Our dear Sana and our Dear Sana stans , we are going to page 100 in this spazz thread . Congrats Sana is good in either way , she is always look good No doubt about it
  5. wanna talk about this , cuz this is not a slap If u are not a once , you would think that is sexual harassment ....... Wutt is this , Sana bad hand.... she really like this , what are u doing , My dear Santa her facial expressions and Nayeon expressions........ that's Hentai (?)
  6. ....... AWwwwwwwwww that is the copy of someone in Girls generation... Oh god , I think I see Taeyeon and Jessica Jung in the picture Plus , it would be good to be a shalala resident ......I am still thinking how can I join.. active in spazz thread is you guys answer
  7. Ha , U unfollow me and now u follow me back XD

    1. braised pig trotters

      braised pig trotters

      It was anaCCIDENT IM SORRYY

  8. can u add a description to Dahyun same age options : whatever Dahyun lives , I lives , whatever Dahyun dies , I dies . I and Dahyun die together
  9. younger than Dahyun...she is 1998s, but I am 2002s too bad , I am much more younger than all of them , except for the 1999....but still it is a 3 years differernce glad that Somi is a year older than me I am happy to share the birth year with NCT members
  10. I have school but no lessons today ( and also tommorow )I will be stay in the library , staying in TTF here instead

    I have no lessons cuz I do not go to the study trips with others due to teacher grade piano exam ,so that's why I end up here---staying in the library and stay in TTF

    1. TWIC3_Sapphire


      Yeyeye stay with us! :DD

    2. katylau612


      hehe , when will u be in the chatbox

       Yes , today too , stay with the onces

    3. TWIC3_Sapphire


      I have no idea, I rarely go on it. Like, very RARE

      I've been on it like 2 times tho

  11. katylau612

    [GAME] Last Post Wins!

    tell me that u be my baby
  12. another day for me to buy Twice , BTS merchandise as present for my classmates . Yes , I do not use my own money . I use the money in the class council .

      Better get ready for christmas celebration

    1. TWIC3_Sapphire


      You guys are so lucky :(((

  13. I am pretty busy preparing Christmas celebration

     As I know that my class is pretty crazy over Twice and BTS , I better get the money from the class Council and buy them presents 

      I wonder why my class promote Sanaism and kookienism ( Sana and Jungkook worshipping ) . I do not really like one--bias dictatorship...even these two are my ultimate bias ( and I sometimes FF about them )...

     Yes , it is FF. They are just ridiculous smutty dreams

    1. TWIC3_Sapphire





  14. katylau612

    [GAME] Rate the Song Above You

    9/10 war of hormone --BTS lotto --EXO Call me baby--EXO still, I am not very interested in Mad clown, sorry . But it is amazing 8/10 Blood, sweat , tears --BTS Hey ! Mama ---EXO--CBX Lucky one ---EXO Playing with fire---Blackpink 7/10 Dope--BTS actually I will give around 8++ points for EXO , BTS cuz I stan Jungkookie and Baek-hyun , EXO lovely tiger . sadly , why luhan leave EXO . I feel like that I have lost interest in EXO luckily , it takes me nearly half of an year to recover my wounds . And I pick a new bias ---Baekhyun However , the worst song of EXO .....I must say that I dislike EXO singing sad songs ( Chen is exception )