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  1. // 2017 Team Twice Forums ♡ Staff Applications // Team Twice is looking for more help to keep the forum running happy, healthy, and spam-free. We are looking for passionate, motivated, and willing staff to fill in our 3 teams: Moderators, Awards, and Media. Think you have what it takes? Apply now! Requirements // ☞ Must be at least 18 years old. ☞ Registered on Team Twice Forums. Moderator role // ☞ Monitor threads for rule breakers and spam. ☞ Help new members and answer basic FAQ in the ask a mod. ☞ Organize forum events! Awards Team role // ☞ Create new awards. ☞ Help hand out awards to members. Media Team role // ☞ Post TWICE news and social media updates in their respective sections Application // Please fill out this form here. Please do not PM any staff asking questions like "How likely am i to become a mod?” or "Why is my application taking so long?” etc. We will PM you whether you are accepted or not, thank you! Quick FAQ // Good Luck to everyone who applies!
  2. Thanks for your hard work :chu: 

  3. It's that time again again! ^^ That time where twice gets ready for a comeback, and what better way to get ourselves hyped for it than with limited edition awards! Each awards costs 1000 Wonce and will be available until 11:59 KST on May 14th #signal #Signal - solo #Signal - super All you need to do is comment with which of the three awards (you can also get two or three) you would like the purchase ♡ TTF Staff ♡
  4. Congratulations to our May 2017 Member of the Month! @B.R.joe Thank you for all you contribute to the team twice forums! ♡ TTF Staff ♡
  5. Patch Notes 17.04.26 Now before you say anything else, Yes! I know that April is almost over! 1. We haven't forgotten! Seriously, we have not forgotten about you guys. This past month has been pretty busy with our projects (#TeamBTS), Twiceter, and Chaeyoung's birthday! So May might be a bit empty lol! 2. Minor site changes We've been going through a lot of minor changes to forum applications. If you haven't noticed yet, we have updated our awards system which now displaces nice categories here, A bug fix to our points system, and updated our theme to work with the newest version of IPS. With these changes we have to work out a lot of kinks that sometimes we miss in the update process. So please bear with us if you find and missing items or if the theme looks funny! We have also updated our staff page to reflect the current staff, staff groups, and added in the "chiefs of staff" who help oversee all of Team Twice! 3. We have a new contact form! We are excited to announce that we have added a new feature to the forum! It's called Forms. While that seems really boring this is a big step forward in how we handle feedback & Suggestions. We want to uphold our promise of improving how we communicate with you guys and help improve the forums with your ideas. Now, the "contact us" will remain at the bottom of the forums page as that runs directly through our service provider but all forms submitted through there will be second priority as they are not viewable by all admins and do not run through the forums itself! As a side note, we are using this forms feature for our donations processing and birthday projects benefits to help streamline the process overall, but you can find the updates about that in our new donations guide HERE 4. Harassment of members As of recent we have received more than a few complaints of harassment by several different members. For us our members privacy and safety is important and any kind of behavior is not tolerated. Going forward we are taking a zero tolerance stance on such behavior from anyone including our staff. Please respect each others privacy especially if a member has trusted you with their private info (number, address, name, etc), and please be mindful of who you give your info to! Thank you everyone for making our time here on the forums worthwhile :) ♡ TTF Staff ♡
  6. Patch Notes 17.03.02 1. The Admins Patch Notes Firstly, welcome to The Admins Patch Notes. We heard you guys and we have listened, and so this wonderful new feature has been added to the forums! The goal of the Patch Notes is to inform members are current forum events as well as involve members in community decisions! The patch notes will be updated at least monthly or more as major events or decisions come along. Updates may include a overview of the previous month, new goals or goal progress, ideas, minor updates, or fixes/ error reports. We want you guys to feel as valuable as we see you. The forums are maintained by not only the staff but the members as well and we want you to help us improve it through being informed and involved. We want you to understand our decision process and how we, the staff, view the daily ins and outs of the forums. 2. Rules This has been a major issue on the forums lately. We have spent a lot of time going through each and every rule hoping to better explain and outline their limits. However, despite many valid points and reasons we have decided that the No Swearing rule will remain as a staple rule across the entire forum. It is our goal to keep this forum as friendly for all audiences of all ages and as such swearing has been voted as unwelcoming and unfriendly. We respect your inside jokes and relationships with other members but please keep it private where other members and visitors cannot see it. Other than that we are working hard on fixing our current rules list to make it more clear for everyone. If you have any ideas or input you wish to provide simply pm one of the mods or admins. Any major rules updates will be added to the rules and announced immediately for everyone to see. We will be giving a one week grace period for members to adjust to the new rule with minimal punishment. New rules, changes, or minor tweak will also be noted in patch notes as an overview! 3. Feedback & Suggestions We are improving our communication! Besides the installment of The Admins Patch Notes we have also begun to look into a better feedback system for members to contact staff with question and concerns. We are also working on a new system to gather your input on features we might add through votes, though we are unsure if this will be fully implemented or not (leave your opinion in the comments? (see what I did there???? hahahaha... laugh dang it! it's funny T.T)). To make it clear, ranting or complaining about new rules or features (or even other members or staff) in the chatbox, in a non support thread, in a pm, or a third party messaging service does not count as feedback. If you have a question or concern with the forums, features, or a member please use our provided threads or, better yet, message a staff member directly so that it can be taken care of. We greatly value your opinions and ideas but we cannot be held liable if you do not take the steps to share it with us so that we can use it. 4. Donations Oh boy, so if you haven't noticed by now, the donations main threads have vanished (i know, i'm sorry, kind of...). We are currently working on updating perks, banners, and how we give out perks to those who donated. Moving forward all regular perks and project perks will be located in one main thread found in the Admins bulletin board. Any changes or updates made to the thread will be noted in the patch notes but will also be announced using forum announcements so that you know what you are getting should you donate to the forums or a project. We will also create a questions thread specifically for donations that will be kept private for members so only staff can see your info until we get a better support system running. Important Donations Info: All donations goto If you wish to donate for the Mina project please donate to (aren't we nice we made the emails so different and easily distinguishable) Our forums and project donations are entirely separate. All money donated to projects if for projects and does not go into maintaining the forum. Please keep that in mind as the forum costs us$75/month and runs solely off of your generosity! Thank you ^^ Any extra money from forum costs also goes into new features and events (album giveaways???) If you have made a donation since the beginning of the 2017 calendar year and have not already filled out this form please do so! It helps our staff make sure you get your correct donation perks. that should all make sense... i really hope it deos. Bah, I'll edit it later <3 ♡ TTF Staff ♡
  7. Jihyo's Birthday and Support Project Donor Benefits! Mina's Birthday and Support Project Donor Benefits! 🌟✨CHAEYOUNG BIRTHDAY SUPPORT PROJECT 2017✨🌟 🌟✨DAHYUN BIRTHDAY SUPPORT PROJECT 2017✨🌟
  8. Frequently Asked Questions: [!!!] ALL DONATION AMOUNTS ARE BASED ON USD ☞ What do you use to manage donations? All donations are handled by and through Paypal. ☞ How much are you raising? Our current monthly plan is $70/month and our goal is to raise only that. Any extra money raised per month is used to fund giveaways or enhance the forum. All donations to "Forum Costs" go directly to the forum. ☞ How do I donate? You can donate to us with either your Paypal account or credit card through: You can access the donations page through the donations side bar on the home page of the forums or going to You can send a donation directly through Paypal to Please remember to include the goal you are donating to in the notes area. ☞ What if I make multiple donations over time? Donation amounts will be added together each time you donate. If you donate $10 in August and $15 in September, it will add together and you will be moved from the Donor group into the VIP Donor group. ☞ What if I donated in the past? We are constantly working on how we handle our donations! However we have not made any major changes to groups and donor benefits. *All changes made starting 2017 do not affect donations made in the past. **If you have made any donations during 2017 please follow the instructions under "What do I do after I donate?" ☞ What if I donated to a birthday project? All donations to birthday projects include base donor groups and their benefits and will also include any special donation benefits for that project! If you have donated to a birthday project and wish to claim you prizes please fill out this form HERE You still have to fill out a separate donations form for your donation confirmation with the admins and to receive your group benefits ☞ What do I do after I donate? *Starting 2017 we have changed the donor confirmation process in order to assure that you are given the proper donor benefits and protect your private information. This has been an on going process and has changed several times over that past few months so thank you for your compliance and understanding! After you have donated please fill out the Donation Form with the necessary information so our admins can confirm your donation and give you the proper donor benefits! The donation form can be found HERE ☞ My custom banner disappeared when I donated? When you donate, you are automatically moved into the donor groups. For members who have custom banners, this means that you banner will disappear temporarily. Just PM an admin and we will fix it for you ASAP :)
  9. Hello everyone! With the recent growth in our forums, we have had to increase our hosting plan for the forums. It's amazing news that we are getting so many more visitors, but with the increased traffic, costs have unfortunately gone up. Our monthly plan has increased from $45/month to $70/month. Donor ($1-$19) || Benefits will last for 90 days || A custom banner on their profile Increased signature limits (3 images @ 400x350 -- current signature limits are 2 images @ 300x250) The ability to change display names once every 60 days (up from once every 180 days) 1000 ₩once VIP Donor ($20-$99) || Benefits will last for 150 days || A custom banner on their profile Increased signature limits (3 images @ 400x350 -- current signature limits are 2 images @ 300x250) The ability to change display names once every 60 days (up from once every 180 days) Guaranteed 1/4 page of space in one message book. -- You can choose which message book, and it doesn't have to be within the 150 day period. 20,000 ₩once Platinum Donor ($100-$199) || Benefits will last for 250 days || A custom banner on their profile Increased signature limits (4 images @ 400x350 -- current signature limits are 2 images @ 300x250) The ability to change display names once every 60 days (up from once every 180 days) Guaranteed 1/2 page of space in one message book. -- You can choose which message book, and it doesn't have to be within the 150 day period. Free (no Wonce needed) custom forum member banner 40,000 ₩once Diamond Donor ($200 & up) || Benefits will last for 365 days || A custom banner on their profile Increased signature limits (4 images @ 400x350 -- current signature limits are 2 images @ 300x250) The ability to change display names once every 60 days (up from once every 180 days) Guaranteed full page of space in one message book. -- You can choose which message book, and it doesn't have to be within the 150 day period. Free (no Wonce needed) custom forum member banner Free (no Wonce needed) custom forum title 80,000 ₩once
  10. This has to be my favorite thread hands down
  11. Thank you everyone who was afraid to participate because they were still recovering from last years egg hunt! And a bigger thank you to every one who did participate! We hope you all had fun hunting down the Twiceter bunny's eggs :) A big congratulations to the four members who found all 18 real and dupe eggs: @Zeba @LonelyWolf @chaeyu @<3TzuNaMi And a shout out to those who found all nine real eggs: @Ahn Haeju @RyuJ @JayQ @Konari @dahyubby @Lovely puppy & @Jokballet ********* And last but not least a huge congrats to our winner: @XX For the curious, here are the answers to all 18 eggs!
  12. oh have fun on the other side
  13. ☆ TEAM TWICE'S VERY MERRY SECOND ANNIVERSARY EASTER EGG HUNT ☆ To celebrate Team twice's second anniversary the Twiceter bunny left us some twice themed Easter eggs that we have hidden around the forum. Your goal is to find all nine Twiceter Eggs (yes it is a picture dw) and have a shot at winning a copy of TWICEcoaster: Lane 1 Monograph! But be careful, because there's also some devious dupes that aren't the real Twiceter bunny eggs! How it works: Use the clues left by the bunny below to find the hidden eggs Create a new post in the Contest Entries forum (Remember only mods and admins can see your post and will check them) Title your post [CONTEST] Twiceter Birthday Egg Hunt Please format each post as follows: Egg: Nayeon Location: Team Twice's very Merry Second Birthday Remember to post every egg found as a reply to your thread! How the winner is chosen: The more eggs you find the better chance you have of winning: 4 Eggs = 1 entry 6 Eggs = 2 entries All 9 Eggs = 3 entries Finding all 9 dupes gets you a bonus entry and a special forum prize! ********* Think You're ready? I hope so! The Twiceter bunny won't be around forever! **You have until 11:59 PM KST on April 26, 2017!** ********* GOOD LUCK HAVE FUN ♡ TTF STAFF ♡
  14. It's our favorite time of year. The time of year where dropping waterballoons on peoples heads is acceptable, or setting up saran wrap in doorways and watching people walk into it is entirely too funny. IT'S APRIL FOOLS, and what better way to celebrate than to have an exclusive one day only award to go along with our fun filled #TEAMBTS don't worry though the change is only temporary and we'll be back to normal in no time :) The award is 109% free and is available from 12:00 am April 1st to 11:59 pm April 1st (KST) [ April Fools 2017 ] All you have to do to claim this cool award is comment on this thread and the award will be handed out asap! ♡ TTF Staff ♡
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