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      As we celebrate the New Year, We wish everyone success, a healthy long life and a fresh new start. Happy New Year! - TEAM TWICE <3  

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  1. Hi!  Everyone im new here but Im already a ONCE before entering here please make friends with me 👋👋👋 Im TWmarialigay

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  7. [EVENT] Get verified on discord

    || This may or may not be silly || But what the heck its a bunch o' fun to give stuff away! All you have to do is navigate your way over to HERE, follow the instructions, and be on your merry way. There is absolutely no reason to respond to this post (so I'm locking it anyways) ♡ TTF staff
  8. [ANNOUNCEMENT] Welcome to Team Twice Forums 2.0

    please don't flame. thank you
  9. Team Twice Forums got an Upgrade! Well... kind of. So what should you expect and understand about Team Twice Forums 2.0? CHANGES Awards Album awards have been removed from TTF. While these have been a big part of our forums and helped engage the community we have found that they pose more of a hassle when manging our entire awards system. Holiday Awards are being redone - We know those cost some rare Wonce to buy, but we are going to condense and rerelease our holiday awards with the new season (and probably for FREE!) Birthday Projects awards have been condensed Regular awards Era awards are the only awards now requiring only a post count. Photoshoot, Selca, and OTP now require no post count and only cost 2000 Wonce Custom awards have been upgraded to be more rare and really show your participation around the forums. All previous buyers have been grandfathered in adn will keep their awards, but those who do not meet the new requirements may not purchase any more. Custom awards cost 10000 Wonce and require 300 posts Voting has been removed - until now voting has been a large part in how we decide our era awards. However this also means that awards are not posted for several weeks following the release of new albums. So, we have decided that to speed up the process and have a more coordinated era system all era will be decided on from teasers by our forum staff. Groups Groups are what allow us staff to give members permissions. This includes post limits, messaging capabilities, signatures, name changes, and more importantly banners. For every banner requested we must make a new group. All custom groups have been removed and users refunded Base groups have been expanded to feature album titles and custom badges a special sorting system has been installed to sort members from old groups into the new groups. This will take time to settle. If you are not sorted into a group please log out and back in for the system to make the change Custom groups now cost 50000 Wonce and require a 500 posts post count - we want banners to really represent our established members. For this reason we have made them more expensive and given them a post count. Predefined groups are now a thing - these groups are much cheaper and will include predesigned banners showing your love for twice, a member, or your forum role "lurker", "spazzer", etc Emotes Emotes will be returning in a much more controlled environment All emotes are going to be removed in the near future A new system of "sets" (1 emote per member) will be established We will have a max of 20 emotes per member members will vote on their favorite sets to fill up these spots new sets will replace old or unpopular sets we will bribe u with wonces to vote A emotes suggestion thread will be opened - this is not a guarantee that your emotes will be used Ranks Ranks are our direct post count management. Ranks represent the title displayed under your name and the "blip" or "dot" that follows. We have added 13 new ranks to our system Wonces and the Marketplace Our marketplace has been redesigned to be better organized and manageable! Each item is now its own thread Item prices have been raised and some items have been given a post count requirement We will now be hosting "[EVENT]"s to gain more wonce these events can range from joining our official discord to posting in certain forum subsections We will require more time to complete marketplace requests for banners and awards as we review them. Thank you! The Forums The forums have been completely rearranged. Many of our nested threads have been taken out for easier access We have removed the trading post for the time being. The sidebar has been expanded! and now include a twitter feed for @JYPETWICE. Member birthdays, calendar events, and overall forum stats have been added. Members Threads and Discussions Member threads and discussions have been cleaned out. We have not deleted threads but we have moved them to a hidden archive on our forum. Our goal with this is to implement a new title format and organization. Discussions has been condensed by 50% Each member section now has its own rules thread. General rules still apply, but the new thread rules feature which tags are expected to be used in these sections. Our master rules post has been changed to also reflect this change Theme We have cut down our themes to just one! #TeamTwiceInk is the new clean theme that will take over team twice to feature birthday headers, event headers, comebacks colors, and more! We currently have a second theme in the making, but because of its complexity it may be several months before it is released. TWICE_Official Many of you have probably been wondering why we have an account called @TWICE_Official floating around our forums. Many of you are probably like "what phake is this!?" but we assure you this is not a fake. Our staff have made an official account for twice and had a Korean Once personally hand the login to the Twice managers. This is no guarantee of them logging in! But if you see them around please be very kind and welcoming to our special guest ^^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This update has been in the works for several weeks. Our staff have put in a lot of work trying to think of what best suits the community both now and in our future. We understand that this will not be perfect and we have a lot of kinks to work out of the new system, but we will need your help. Please send a contact us or pm should you find a bug in the forums! We thank you for you patience as we change our system over! Please make sure to thank all our staff for working hard to make this possible! @Kh3ngboon, @kkerel, @Mina'sPenguins, @Jhin
  10. [ADMIN] Team Twice Forums 101

    Welcome to the New Members Guide! Here we will guide you to know the basics of the Forum features! Member Rank System Posting Threads and Replying in Threads Reputation Points Marketplace Awards Emotes Signatures Posting Images/GIFs Posting Videos Member of the Month Wonces Private Message Status Updates Member Name Colors Usergroups Using Spoiler Cuts Ignore Function How to Credit Discord In Team Twice Forums, we have rank system where your rank will changed based on the number of posts you've posted in the forums. The rank will be automatically updated when you reach certain post counts. The system is as follows. ===== - To post a thread - - To quote someone as a reply to a thread - - Multi-quoting - ===== Reputations Points are points that you received from people's upvoting your threads, repies or even status updates. - To up-vote someone else's posts / threads / status updates - ===== Marketplace is a place where you can get all the cool custom banners, custom awards, custom titles, username change and even an upgrade to your signature!!! For more information, you can check the thread out! Click here! ===== Awards are one of the features we have in the forums. If you have no idea what awards are, they're basically the ones you see below a user's profile in a thread or posts, and the ones below the signature. In the Forums, there are two types of awards: normal awards and the special awards! - Normal awards - - Special Awards - In some cases, we do have Season awards like April Fools awards, Halloween awards and Christmas awards. Do check it out when the time comes! ===== Emotes are definitely one of the few features we have in the Forums! Whether it's from to , they are definitely fun! However, there's too many emotes being requested to the Forums, so we decided to give it a big touch on this! Excluding OTP and random emotes, we will be limiting 20 emotes to each member only. That's sad, right? Well, no worries! We will be having an election for emotes for every three months! - How voting works - To thank you for contributing your time to vote for the emote, we will be handing wonces as our gratitude!! ===== Signatures are like your own identity, situated below your posts, it shows your significance. How do you edit your own Signature? ===== Here's the way to post images and gifs in the Forums ===== Posting videos is the same as posting images, the Forums automatically embed it for you. ===== Member of the Month is a special title where the staff will award one member that is qualified to be the one. Well, it's basically like Employee of the Month in Baskin Robbins. You can vote for the Member of the Month as well and here's how you do it! You're free to do campaigns to be the Member of the Month. You can also contribute to the forums and let member acknowledge you. Good luck! ===== If there's a marketplace, then there's surely a currency in the Forums. YES! Let me introduce you to Wonces, the virtual curency we used in the Forums. You earn wonces by posting replies & threads and by donating. Wonces are used to get cool stuffs from the Marketplace! You can find a guide to wonce and the marketplace here. ===== If you need help from the Forum Staffs or you want to privately sending jjirits to the other user, use the PM system. Here's how! ===== Status Updates could be done in your profile page. To enable status updates, ===== Sometimes you wonder why is the chatbox so colorful? Different colors represent different groups in the Forums! There are currently 12 different colors representing each group in the Forums! ===== We now have usergroups for members!! For old members of the Forums, you noticed that there's a banner on the posts already, so we'll just get straight to the point. We used the albums as the name for the usergroups!! The system is as follows: ===== What are spoilers? They are the magic tools that can hide contents from the readers if they are prepared for the content, they shall click on the spoilers!! Use spoiler cuts when you: have a thread or a post that has more than 2 images, where you start using spoilers on the third onward. want to hide something in the post or thread. Now without further ado, let's check on how to use the spoiler cuts. ===== Finding someone annoying? Well, you can ignore them now with the function. - adding user to the Ignore List - - Modifying Ignore List - ===== By crediting, we mean how you are going to credit the source of the images and the videos you have gotten from. If you venture into some of the spazz threads, you might notice there's like a link below the images, this is to credit where are the sources from (like how do you get the images of the videos), regardless if you save it and upload it on a site. If you do not credit the sources, we might be issuing warning points to your account and both parties don't want that to happen right? You'll know the hows to credit the images and the dos and don'ts by referring to the guidelines to crediting. [Crediting 101] With the implementation of the new Discord Server for Team Twice Forums, it'll be more fun for us to converse and have fun there! Click on the link to know how to join the server and how to join the fun! [Discord 101] -The "Team Twice 101" thread is a constant work in progress! Please let us know if there is something we should add. Thank you!-
  11. || Custom Rank Title Thread || While we all know everyone loves the song titles sometimes we just really want to tell the world that we love cheese... and changing our Display Name just isn't enough! To request a Custom Title, please respond with the following: Username: Title Requesting:
  12. || Early Display Name Change Thread || Tired of your old name? Decided to stan a different member? Want to the tell the world you love cheese, but used your free name change already? Fear not! This marketplace has you covered! To request a Name Change, please respond with the following: Current Username: Username Requesting:
  13. [AWARDS] Wonce Awards Request Thread

    || Wonce Awards Request Thread || This thread does not include requests for Custom Awards! Those may be requested here To request an award, please respond with the following: Username: Award Requesting:
  14. [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    || Awards Request Thread || This thread is for ERA awards requests only! If you wish to purchase a Selca/Photoshoot/OTP awards you can request one here To request an award, please respond with the following: Username: Post Count: Award Requesting: