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  1. Deadscream13

    [GAME] When Was The Last Time

    ummm like 2 years ago when was the last time you went to a concert?
  2. girl group = obviously more male fans
  3. Deadscream13

    [OFFICIAL] NaChaeng (Nayeon+Chaeyoung) Thread<3

    i haven't seen it. really wanna check it out now that you mention it haha here's the nachaeng vid http://www.vlive.tv/video/5204/트와이스-아기맹수-채영의-어흥-V
  4. Deadscream13

    [OFFICIAL] NaChaeng (Nayeon+Chaeyoung) Thread<3

    didn't realize how much gay these two had til i saw nayeon all over chae on chae's "solo" vapp.
  5. Deadscream13

    [GAME] When Was The Last Time

    a year and a half ago when was the last time you went on vacation
  6. Deadscream13

    [GAME] Rate the Song Above You

    its age shows. think their newer stuff is better. 6.5/10 Solati - What More Can I Say
  7. Congrats on becoming a translator for the site! :jh-gj:

  8. this ship needs more attention than it gets. they are adorable
  9. i seem to find dimples attractive. i dont even look for them when i look at girls but it just so happens all the idols and girls i ever have interest in have dimples. beats me. guess i like the chipmunk cheeks dimples make people have.
  10. Deadscream13

    [NAYEONIST] What you like about Nayeon?

    she seems very energetic and silly and i tend to like that in korean girls. she is also quite pretty even with her bunny teeth and squirtle eyes.
  11. i have accepted the bunny as my savior, have you? XD
  12. haha. fake maknae squirtle bunny