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  1. Alex97

    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    lel, diba pinalabas na sa news (TV Patrol ba yun? idk) na confirmed na daw sa Pinas? Kung false alarm man yun... awkward... xDDDD
  2. Please, Yerim could pretty much create her own PD101 with how much of a social butterfly she is lmao I want that collab though! But I shall brace myself with the 'unrelated' comparison that's gonna happen
  3. Alex97

    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    Team Airport nalang, mag camping kayo dun 1 week before arrivals para sa unahan talaga kayo hahahahhaha Ako naman ni walang pera papuntang Manila
  4. Alex97

    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    I AM ALIVE shetttttt dapat iupdate ko na to hahahahhaha ang outdated na xD Sino pupunya GDA?
  5. Yup, they were asked individually which Japanese acts they liked the most and she answered AKB. Jeongyeon - One Ok Rock Momo - Namie Amuro Sana - Namie Amuro Mina - Superfly Chaeyoung - AKB48 Tzuyu - Piko Taro *Nayeon, Jihyo & Dahyun - don't know anyone lel Now that I look at it again, maybe she does like AKB, since she could've just said she doesn't know anyone, but we'll never know xD
  6. Tbh when I read that a few months ago, in my head she probably picked AKB cause she doesn't know that much Japanese acts when asked hwo her favorite act was xD But if its real, then I'm glad for her xDD
  7. Just a little info about this event: This is like the biggest music show in Japan with around 50% of the whole population watching. It only happens once a year (last day of the year aka December 31) and you can only perform there when you're invited. They have a concept of Shirogumi (White Team, composed of all male artists) vs Akagumi (Red Team, composed of all female artists). So I guess that means Twice is in Akagumi with AKB48, Keyakizaka46 and Nogizaka46! Yasssssssss, my faves in one team >.< Only people who has made it big gets invited, most artists take YEARS to get an invitation there so I was surprised when they announce Twice was going when they only promoted in Japan for a while. I'm sure Mina, Momo and Sana must be freaking out xD they 101% probably know how big of an event that is. It would be great publicity for them and I honestly think they're gonna perform TT.
  8. She has always been prettier to me ever since the first time I saw her though... All that changed was the hair and that she slimmed down @_@ That really doesn't make much of a difference...at least for me it doesn't. I kinda miss her red hair from LOA, hope she does that color again >.<
  9. Happy birthday :33 I still remember when you were a Moderator. :chu: 

  10. Happy birthday!!

  11. Alex97

    [UPDATE! 171217] Twice Fansite List

    HELLO EVERYONE! Sorry for the MIA T^T Just to let you know I'll still be updating this, so watch out for that ^^
  12. TJ


    1. Alex97


      Hello TJDJnim o/

    2. TJ


      kamusta na HAHAHA