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  1. Alex97

    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    lel, diba pinalabas na sa news (TV Patrol ba yun? idk) na confirmed na daw sa Pinas? Kung false alarm man yun... awkward... xDDDD
  2. Alex97

    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    Team Airport nalang, mag camping kayo dun 1 week before arrivals para sa unahan talaga kayo hahahahhaha Ako naman ni walang pera papuntang Manila
  3. Alex97

    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    I AM ALIVE shetttttt dapat iupdate ko na to hahahahhaha ang outdated na xD Sino pupunya GDA?
  4. She has always been prettier to me ever since the first time I saw her though... All that changed was the hair and that she slimmed down @_@ That really doesn't make much of a difference...at least for me it doesn't. I kinda miss her red hair from LOA, hope she does that color again >.<
  5. Happy birthday :33 I still remember when you were a Moderator. :chu: 

  6. Happy birthday!!

  7. Alex97

    [UPDATE! 171217] Twice Fansite List

    HELLO EVERYONE! Sorry for the MIA T^T Just to let you know I'll still be updating this, so watch out for that ^^
  8. TJ


    1. Alex97


      Hello TJDJnim o/

    2. TJ


      kamusta na HAHAHA

  9. Alex97

    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    bruh the OP is so outdated af, I promise I'll update this sometime this week! wait, bat ako nag English xD nakkatamad mag retype, basta this week!
  10. Guys, There will be changes in the OP, it's a lil outdated so yeah ^^ Hence the under construction tag lol
  11. Wassup guys, just wanna say that I'm going on a hiatus... Again..

    I know i know... I just got back a few weeks ago .. it's just that duty calls and I can't balance everything rn TT. I'll check in from time to time I swear.

    I've also converted from the green mod to the blue mod if you haven't noticed xD I'm still the same me though :D

    Anyways, Goodluck and welcome to the new staffs!!

    See ya when I see ya! ^^

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    2. Ooh-Ahh


      Be back here (altough im on hiatus mode too) :jh-cheer::jy-jks:

    3. TWIC3_Sapphire


      Goodluck!!! Hope you come back sooner or later. :))) :ny-chu:

    4. saint_21


      :dh-smthing: ally delcacomanie 

  12. Hi I just stalked you :P Good cover photo! I like the color. Btw who are they?

    1. Alex97


      Hi stalker o/

      Thanks! It's Red Velvet <3

    2. Ahn Haeju

      Ahn Haeju

      Ooh I see... Btw I just watched Red Velvet - Russian Roulete MV. It's so weird but cool and the same time. So funny :mn-blush:

      Anyway nice to meet youu:dh-hi:

    3. Alex97


      Yeah, Red Velvet are literally the queens of Aesthetics. They do weird concepts every comeback lol

      Nice to meet yah too :D