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  1. I mean if mina is not popular in korea then there's more mina left for me
  2. SHE'S DEFINITELY NOT UGLY!!! Do you know how hard it was not to swerve and to be loyal? I mean after i saw her DTNA pics my eyes felt like melting because she's that hot lmao
  3. Have a good day :sn-pew:

    1. ZackZachary


      OwO thank you senpai!! You too!!

  4. Hey, long time no sana talk :sn-pew: I just hope that you're doing good 


    PS: I will not swerve :mn-peace:

  5. One reason why I adore her so much
  6. New TWICE Music Video? I like it :mn-blush:

  7. The moment you come back and have 97 notifications :ty-lol:

    1. ZackZachary


      wheeeew welcome back sensei!:sn-heart:

    2. SaranghaeMina
    3. MyiMina


      Welcome back!~ :mm-heart: 

  8. Hai NG hope we can be friends :mn-penguin: 

    1. Mina_ng


      No need to be hoping, we are friends :sn-heart:

    2. MyiMina


      Awwweee, thank you my friend :mn-blush::mc-hug: 

    3. Mina_ng
  9. Wow, you seem like a big name here on TTF 

    thanks for following me :mn-blush:

    1. MyiMina


      Awwee, well I'm not really "like a big name" on TTF XD I'm just a normal fangirl here lol But thank you~ :mn-blush: 

      And your welcome :mn-peace: 

  10. Happy Birthday:mn-gasp:

  11. Happy Birthday! Wish you all the best enjoy your day! :sn-lub::congrats: May Twice be with you. :sn-lol:

    1. Mina_ng


      Thank you very much :sn-heart:

  12. Sweet 16 :mn-shades:

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    2. BabyBear


      Happy Bday ^^

    3. OnceUponAStar
    4. Deadly Dahyun

      Deadly Dahyun

      Ayy happy birthday bro :congrats: sorry for the lateness. But I agree, new age new bias ~~CHOOSE SANA OR ELSE~~ lol jk enjoy your day.

  13. Happy birthday, fellow Minari stan!! 


    1. Mina_ng


      Thank you so much :mn-gasp:

  14. Happy Birthday dude! :jh-cheer: :congrats: