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  1. One reason why I adore her so much
  2. New TWICE Music Video? I like it :mn-blush:

  3. The moment you come back and have 97 notifications :ty-lol:

    1. ZackZachary


      wheeeew welcome back sensei!:sn-heart:

    2. SaranghaeMina
    3. MyiMina


      Welcome back!~ :mm-heart: 

  4. Hai NG hope we can be friends :mn-penguin: 

    1. Mina_ng


      No need to be hoping, we are friends :sn-heart:

    2. MyiMina


      Awwweee, thank you my friend :mn-blush::mc-hug: 

    3. Mina_ng
  5. Wow, you seem like a big name here on TTF 

    thanks for following me :mn-blush:

    1. MyiMina


      Awwee, well I'm not really "like a big name" on TTF XD I'm just a normal fangirl here lol But thank you~ :mn-blush: 

      And your welcome :mn-peace: 

  6. Mina_ng

    [GAME] Tag!

    @Cupcake Cupid
  7. Happy Birthday:mn-gasp:

  8. Happy Birthday! Wish you all the best enjoy your day! :sn-lub::congrats: May Twice be with you. :sn-lol:

    1. Mina_ng


      Thank you very much :sn-heart:

  9. Sweet 16 :mn-shades:

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    2. BabyBear


      Happy Bday ^^

    3. OnceUponAStar
    4. Satzyu


      Ayy happy birthday bro :congrats: sorry for the lateness. But I agree, new age new bias ~~CHOOSE SANA OR ELSE~~ lol jk enjoy your day.

  10. Happy birthday, fellow Minari stan!! 


    1. Mina_ng


      Thank you so much :mn-gasp:

  11. Happy Birthday dude! :jh-cheer: :congrats:

  12. Happy Birthday! :yes:

    1. Mina_ng


      Thanks means a lot to me :jh-gj:

  13. When there is 1 thing i hate about k-pop then it's the salty community.... :ny-tough:

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    2. OnceUponAStar


      #MakePeaceNotSaltiness :ny-yes: 

    3. Mina_ng


      I mean something like: 

      Person1: "this song sounds weird to me..."

      Person2: "omg, Dean-oppa is da best so stfu!"

    4. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias


      Yeah...I hate those type of people smh people don't have to like the songs you like