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  1. Once Selca Day - June 2018

    It has been a while since I participated in selca day. So here are my selcas for this month.


    1. Jumping Penguin 🍓🐯🐧

      Jumping Penguin 🍓🐯🐧

      wanna do one but not in condition lol

  2. This will be Twice's 3rd tour in Japan this year!

    Twice Arena Tour 2018

    Source (in Japanese): http://www.twicejapan.com/feature/arena_tour_2018

    Saturday 9.29 - Sunday 9.30
    Makuhari Messe

    Tuesday 10.02 - Wednesday 10.03
    Nippon Gaishi Hall

    Friday 10.12 - Sunday 10.14
    World Memorial Hall

    Tuesday 10.16 - Wednesday 10.17
    Musashino Forest Sports Plaza

  3. M Countdown broadcast this week will be KCON 2018 Japan


  4. My "What is Love?" albums were delivered today!

    Here are my photocards, stickers, CDs, and clear postcard pulls -- NO DUPLICATES! :mn-gasp:

    I placed them in a spoiler cut for those who don't want to be spoiled. View at your own risk!





  5. While I was watching this V Live, I thought to myself "When is Dahyun going to arrange and produce a song for Twice?"
  6. Leftyflip86

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #WhatIsLove

    I want them all! ...please? Thanks in advance.
  7. If you ride in my car, this is a sample of what we will listen to







  8. Sorry. Forgot to post this here last week: I bought the Twice earphones from the Twice Pop Up Store.

    They sound decent (like average earbuds included with most phones) with the standard ear tips. There are two pairs of larger ear tips included that I haven't tried yet. One of those should sound better due to my larger ears.

    The volume control on the remote is a slider, not separate up and down buttons, which is a bit unusual but it works. I personally prefer buttons but I usually just press the buttons on the side of my phone. So it doesn't really bother me.

    In other news, I preordered one version of Candy Pop for now (Once Japan version) but I might buy another version later. I'm saving up for a trip in the spring so I'm only buying albums and stuff I'd use (like these earphones).

    - Noel -


  9. TWICE Showcase Live Tour 2018  "Candy Pop"

    Official Site: http://www.twicejapan.com/feature/showcase201801
    Live Viewing Japan (Cinema Screenings in Japan): http://liveviewing.jp/contents/twice2018/

    Tour Rules/Regulations: http://www.twicejapan.com/news/detail/177
    Official Goods Announcement: http://www.twicejapan.com/news/detail/174
    Official Goods Locations & Opening Times: http://www.twicejapan.com/news/detail/179
    Post Concert Survey/Questionnaire: http://www.twicejapan.com/news/detail/182

    Dates listed in JST 🇯🇵
    (same time as KST)

    Friday, 19 January
    Seto City Cultural Center

    Monday, 22 January
    Fukuoka Sun Palace

    Tuesday, 23 January
    Ueno Gakuen Hall

    Thursday, 25 January
    Friday, 26 January
    Grand Cube Osaka

    Monday, 29 January
    NHK Hall

    Wednesday, 31 January
    Thursday, 1 February
    Sonic City

  10. Happy New Year, TTF!

    Hey Onces, if you like remixes and mashups, let me know. I'm looking for more of Twice for this playlist.
    If interested in adding to this playlist, let me know.
    Let me know your YouTube account and I'll add you as a collaborator so you can add more.


    Also, I went to a new Korean BBQ restaurant for my birthday dinner last week. I ate too much but the food was good.

    They didn't play any Twice music videos at all. I was there for over an hour but no Twice at all. Otherwise, they did have a good variety of music videos playing by different artists/groups and all were very recent songs. The only issue I had was that they played Monsta X's Dramarama multiple times. They'd show random MVs for 2 or 3 songs then Dramarama would play (repeat that for an hour and a half). I was thinking to myself, they could have played Twice instead of that song constantly.

    Anyways, see you next time!

    Noel / Leftyflip86 🐧

  11. Credit: Me (Leftyflip86)
  12. As promised, here is my Sana selca with Mina!


  13. Here's my Mina selca for Once Selca Day! I will post my Sana selca after "Merry & Happy" is released!