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  1. Emperor Ryu

    [GAME] I Spy (Season 2: Sykotic Cherry Bananas?)

    It's really not that hard.
  2. Emperor Ryu

    [GAME] I Spy (Season 2: Sykotic Cherry Bananas?)

    I'm just staying true to the manga style. You know, more pictures than words. Come to think of it. The saying; a picture is worth a thousand words. A video clip a million words more.
  3. Emperor Ryu

    [GAME] Rate the Song Above You

    Soya is the Tiger's bloodline. (a.k.a. Kim Jong Kook's Niece.) I give this a 9 out of 10. Not because of him; but because she is talented and this song is very good. Her vocals is nicely blended with the guitar and the flow of the overall theme of the track. When it starts to pick up, she ups her passion and emotion into it. She has a good steady pace and expression that shows a subtle dynamic to her sweet and innocent range. I think what's missing is the lack of a higher climax to better express her joy when falling in love. The despair is a bit too much that keeps her burdens up and love in check. It's not really a balance; but a missed opportunity to really show how impactful love is to her and what it means in her life. The music video by itself captures her artistic interpretation and naturally of course; her beauty and elegance. It's very nicely made. Me and my crew have been following Jeon Soyeon's career for quite some time now; since her Produce 101 days. And we most certainly certified this artist as a must watch in K-Pop. Now that she's the leader of a girl group, we hereby proclaim them as Top Tier group worthy to enter the grand pantheon of elite idols. It's up to them to stay up there or not. I give this a 9 out of 10. This be their debut track, and it showcases how well they can fit the entire theme into their work ethics, and stay nicely poised and passionate as a group. The follow through is both nostalgic and graceful when listening to it. It has that picking up tempo that lifts a person up from the dull and mundane state; and enters that energy feeding, feel good mentality. The vocals covers the essential marks that nails the emotional needed tones and pitching arcs in a single bar scale. This primarily is telling the world they're a team foremost and won't ever break that bond. What's missing is the lack of utilizing each member's uniqueness in the group in the track itself. Only 4 members shows this right from the get go, but has the remaining 2 members to hit the chorus line; thus giving the audience a puzzling reaction. However over multiple listenings; this concern gets glossed over by the sheer teamwork they're giving to us. The music video is full of fun and beauty, you just can't help but admired how great they're going to be in the coming years. Those tattooed hands. A nice touch for the visuals. Here comes the next poster's challenge. A double-hitter. &
  4. Emperor Ryu

    [GAME] I Spy (Season 2: Sykotic Cherry Bananas?)

    Nope. Nope. Fine. I'll give another hint. Here it is.
  5. Emperor Ryu

    [GAME] I Spy (Season 2: Sykotic Cherry Bananas?)

    Physically seen? Yes. Right there in the picture. Your next guess? Or has everyone given up already?
  6. Emperor Ryu

    [GAME] Last Letter

  7. Emperor Ryu

    Tewaisuu MLB?

    So der was anotha Baseball thread here afta all.
  8. Emperor Ryu

    [DISCUSSION] [V Report Plus] Who’s the best swimmer in Twice?

    We need a swim race wit Twice in bikinis 2 figure dis out.