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  1. My thoughts exactly. There are good friends on the path of becoming good sisters. This thread should be placed in a fanfict area of the forum, because none of them are lesbians, period.
  2. I'm pretty sure I posted in a similar thread like this. Shouldn't these threads be merged already?
  3. Wait. Why is there thread about Twice ending up dead? I don't want Twice to be dead. Bad enough there's a growing list of K-Pop artists on the Memorial Wall already.
  4. I get the feeling this is another duplicate thread?
  5. Isn't the gay term suppose to apply to guys? Lesbians is for girls. I find none of the members lesbians. It's them just being playful and doing fan service in those moments, like being sisters to each other. Its has nothing to do with what a few people like to think. They are all 100% straight. Don't want to believe me? Fine. Enjoy. They've even had a Mnet segment asking themselves if they have a "boyfriend".
  6. Twice has a very long career ahead, so they can cover all of these concepts over time.
  7. Loyal to all 9 members, period! In the immortal words of our Emperor, "If you shoved a gun in my face trying to force me to pick one member while tied to a chair, I'll break out of it, disarm you in a second, break both of your arms and legs, and shove the gun right back at you and say, 'All of them are my bias, deal with it or die.'"
  8. Plus their lawyers will be doing the oversight, just in case malicious comments and lying statements about the members pop up, they will hunt them down indiscriminately.
  9. I think it would be super-sweet if Twice and Black Pink came up with team up concept with 2 current J-Pop girl groups. That should definitely shatter all lower expectations.
  10. It's a classic anime, which has been adapted into English quite nicely back in those days. The ending theme is the stuff of legend in cartoons. There's not enough characters in the anime for me pick which Twice member would fit in it. Shameless plugins. Twice Anime. Twice Jedi or Twice Sith.
  11. Twice bring the male and female fans together. God is happy.
  12. Somehow I get the feeling anyone can just click on which gender the voter is without any confirmation to the person's true gender. But then again, if it is true, maybe the females are voting to please their boyfriends whom are fans of Twice. The boys helped increased the number of Onces!
  13. And of course, each member looks beautiful and oh so pretty.
  14. Combine to form Bias-tron (Voltron: Defender of the Universe). I meant from Twice's point of view. How many fan-husbands do they have each?
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