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  1. There should be a Twice Kiss Me Booth at the new JYP Building, where Onces who visit and purchase $1,000 worth in Twice merch, can receive a kiss on the cheek one time at the venue. That's it. One time only. Any purchases underneath that amount can either get a handshake, or a hug.
  2. I like to believe that each member can become very strong while working out, eating good, staying healthy, and building up muscles over time. Can you imagine if all 9 of them were to reveal their hard 6-pack abs at a fan meet? Flexing their arm muscles for a healthy protein shake commercial? Showing those thighs in action while bicycling through the mountains for the latest cycling gear? Wining the gold medals at the Idol Star Athletics Championships?
  3. That's exactly what Star Wars and Anime has already.
  4. I think a better question is to ask why some fantasy threads are kept while the other fantasy threads get stored as unaccessible? But no need to answer it, because the Administrators and Moderators gave me permission to re-create them. 2.0, here we go! Weeeeee!
  5. Can I have my threads back, or do I have to make them again?
  6. Okay then, please explain to me and other people here why there's a Twice fan fiction, hmmm? Almost forgot to point out, and OTPs, that's purely fantasy too.
  7. twice

    A nice day to visit the Holy Grounds again. Enters the JYP Entertainment Temple confession chamber. Closes the door and sits down. The sliding door opens. : "Good day to you. What is thy confession today?" : "Good day. Forgive me. It has been 2 months, 28 days, and this morning since my last avowal." : "What took you so long? You must be a very good boy." : "Ahhh, yes. I try very much to be a good person in life. Yes." : "Good, good. Now tell me, what ale's you, young one." : "I've had this thought in my mind for quite some time now, you see. But after watching the events at this year's E3, and seeing how passionate people are for the video games, I'm wanted to ask, hmmm, ..." : "Go on, ask what?" : "Can Twice cosplay as Street Fighter characters? I can totally see them in these outfits, and they'll look so totally incredible. Here, let me break it down for you." : "... I really don't know how to answer this. I guess I'll leave it up to them, I think?"
  8. Too bad there isn't a way to cue the suspense audio entrance of "Dun-dun-dunnnnnnnnn!", when the person scrolls down to the bottom of the post.
  9. Based on my emotions, it's pretty simple really. Anything else added to it, I have to be married to them. Not going to happen.
  10. I can honestly say I've been busy in the threads. Even tried to get people from the chats to join in on the fun with my 2 threads. That's completely within the rules. Shameless plugin, well, that is, if they put back my threads back in Discussion. Jedi or Sith. Anime Characters Who Best Fit With Twice. Who knows if the chat will come back or not. The point is, there's responsibility to everything we do, especially in life outside of the forum. There are consequences to everything we do, whether it be good or bad. In science, it's called causality. Please follow the rules.
  11. Any chance I can get my Jedi or Sith and Twice Anime threads back? I keep getting an error message?
  12. In the humble truthful words of our fearless leader, our Emperor, "I am innocent!" Plus, I hardly went to the chats during its final days too. So no way I'm responsible for its closure.
  13. I think it'll take a few years to get worldwide votes from each country.
  14. I got 'em all.
  15. Turn the old building into a JYP Museum. Daily tours of where the JYP artists practiced, slept, ate food, and other fun facts what they done there.