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  1. So any evil incantations discovered in Twice's music?
  2. The next thing Onces will do is listen to every Twice song backwards.

    Someone should ask them at the next fan meet.
  4. [GAME] Rate the M/V above you

    Ahmmmmmm, since when did diamond rocks have emotions? If diamonds had emotions, they would absolutely hate humans beings for what they do to them on a daily basis. As for respecting other feelings, that door swings both ways. Being honest and truthful ain't wrong, for the record. 4.5/10? I guess you're not a fan of making music videos? To note, if any Seventeen member is reading my reviews, they should be thankful they're getting truthful feedbacks on their work. But honestly speaking, female fans are the male artists' bread and butter. If they want to invite the guys to the party, they got to give valid reasons for all of us to take any interests. Thus far, Seventeen hasn't! Not even in terms of promotional performances. Now for the review. This video is slightly more better. In my K-Pop experience, an artist, or a group of artists; cannot go wrong when thanking directly to their fans. Knowing this song is made by one of the group members also improves its rating. However, in my opinion, it could've climaxed more better if they shown them at one of their live concerts with a huge audience thanking them and show everybody's reactions. It would've greatly increased the ratings for the video itself. As for the song, it's a nicely balanced track from beginning to end; showing no form of greed or grandiose depictions; just the hard work and dedication they all have as idols. Being of sound mind, it's a track only for the fans, not really for the non-fan masses. So these types of tracks are sort of a double-edged sword. It makes non-fans feel like they're not entitled to such gratitude; like someone thank them for something they didn't even do or put in any effort to receive this music video, which is ultra-awkward and just plain-dang-weird. But for fans, especially for diehard fan; they can play this track over and over again to their hearts content without a care in the world. And since I'm not a fan of Seventeen. I can only give this music video a reasonable 5/10, since it's been almost 3 years for them, and they helped to take good care of After School and Pristin; to which I am very grateful to them for. For the next poster's challenge. Something more intricate from the same girl group.
  5. [DISCUSSION]Aegyo Gif

  6. [DISCUSSION] Serious questions you would ask TWICE

    They should pop into the cbox with us.
  7. K-Pop fans in Hollywood should organize some sort of Celebrity K-Pop Fandom Club where Hollywood stars and entertainment titans alike gather to talk about their favorite K-Pop artists.
  8. [DISCUSSION] Getting tickets

    Good luck!

    Twice will be our canvas. But can they be still for hours?

    The playlist will grow and grow more with each year. More music videos must be played on repeat. Over and over until the dawn of time. Has anyone calculated how long it'll take to watch each music video for an entire year yet?

    Do you still think we need to go to art classes?