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  1. All of these are circumstantial and opinionatedly picky on certain aspects selfishly bias on each member. It absolutely does not represent every person's expectations or comfortable boundaries when it comes to dating. Everybody has their own way of having a memorable dating experience. To conclude, this article is only the authors dating expectations. This doesn't even include Twice's dating expectations from us in return. It's so one sided. Terrible article, in my opinion.
  2. [DISCUSSION] Twice Baby Pics!!

    Omo! So cute! But some of the pictures are not working.
  3. Twice is getting there, but they still have a long way more to go. They do have what it takes to be number 1. Until then, in the immortal words of our fearless Emperor, "All of the K-Pop female artists are number 1."
  4. Keeping up with Twice through other sources, duh.
  5. [DISCUSSION] Who would be awkward in a sexy concept?

    Awkward????????? With the sexy concept, there's no such thing as awkward, unless there's lack of confidence and knowledge about seducing we vulnerable men. I've mentioned this before in another thread, it will take at least a few years for Twice to gain that certifiable sexiness that will make us men want to collect photos and videos of them for a private secret stash hidden away from everyone, or make us more daring to ask them out on dates and have our desired dreams fulfilled so very badly we'll willing to go that extra mile to reach that bliss personally. In the words of our fearless Emperor, "patience".
  6. Twice's 10th member needs to be the leader of the newest JYP girl group. So then the question is just how many members will be in this new girl group? If JYP is still hooked on SNSD's success, another 9 members is to be expected? *whispers jyp*
  7. I think it would be more adorable if Twice played with someone way more closer to their own ages.
  8. And to note, he's way too old for any of the Twice members.
  9. I like to think the guy is alright, though I do really hate his insults towards the girls just to get the attention of the camera. (I'm sure these girls' fathers would love to swing a spiked bat at his face a whole bunch of times) But there have been talk about his true personality when the cameras are off, according to some comments, the real Heechul just cannot connect with girls on an intimate relationship level of maturity, to a point of struggling when he just gives up and cannot bear the responsibility of being tied down any longer. (I do believe this was the time he started showing up on SNSD's SNS pics a while back.) You'd think a guy who can be friends with so many girls can possibly have a much more higher chance of getting a real girlfriend, and yet he cannot maintain a stable relationship with any of them? I'll add there's a whole lot of people that don't like this guy, because he does portray like a desperate playboy wannabe with a highly unstable, even a bit of a warped, psychological sense. Plus, I don't trust guys who cross-dresses on a whim. He's in his 30s? Too disturbing. It almost reminded me what SM really knew about those JYJ members after the rape allegations from so many girls happened out of nowhere.
  10. I heard he got rejected badly by her. SNSD would probably disagree with that. Go ask Sunny.
  11. [DISCUSSION] #TWICE in the USA?

    Patience pays off.
  12. [DISCUSSION] Share a local food with Twice

    There's just so many tasty foods in the world to enjoy. I really mean that. I mean, so much foods that just gives your senses and stomach bliss till your body starts to ache. And then you end up exercising and dieting again. The ups and downs of the Thanksgiving day lesson.
  13. [DISCUSSION] TWICE comeback idea?

    It's really up to them how they want to make their comeback in the end. Plus my group doesn't really pay that much attention to any of the boys of K-Pop, cause that's how we roll. To add, I'm really not sure it be a good idea to copy someone else's comebacks, cause there have been a string of fan-wars that were sparked by such by their fans.
  14. [DISCUSSION] Are You Older or Younger Than All of The Members?

    Definitely older. To be forever young, such joys.
  15. To think the guy who'll end up with her as husband will be subjected to such bliss, including the other members, gosh, I better stop before I really turn into a jelly jar.