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  1. What are you guys getting for Christmas ? :sn-lub: 

  2. One Month!

    Very constructive thread, I love you too ♥
  3. I thought Dahyun was sneezing in your dp :dh-lol::dh-heh: 

  4. Thanks to your new dp, jihyo wrecked my bias list :ny-pose: 

    1. Beanie


      Ah, just what I was aiming for... :jh-wink:Jk but I'm glad you liked it

    2. MyiMina
  5. Why do you welcome me if i'm a much older Once ?
  6. I still don't understand why Nayeon has more lines than our main vocal, Jihyo.
  7. [GAME] Roleplay Game

    [Mina]: Lay, he's very good at dancing. What's your favourite song atm ?