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  1. Hi fellow ONCE!

    Welcome to the Forums! Have fun here!
  2. Sometimes, it's really hard.

    Sometimes, I just want to leave this and run away from this.

    You think it's easy to handle this?

    We all will say "No.", because time is not with us right now.

    I know that some have time, but in life, there's a phase where you will find time is just a reminder for your priorities.

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    2. optzumistic


      @I. Am. Jihyo's I'm also in the honors things, but is there much to study for really :sn-stare:

    3. I. Am. Jihyo's

      I. Am. Jihyo's

      @optzumistic lol for me nothing apart from french cuz i'm bad at french lol :ny-lol:

    4. optzumistic


      @I. Am. Jihyo's lol that's where I can relate to Phebe, I don't do a language :cy-lol:

  3. Dead?

    I don't mind if you want the whole new team of Team Twice Staffs. Are you willing to handle all these issues when it is being directed to you? If you're willing to then, please do hold on. You still need to know that Forum is about the community itself. Not just the staff members being active equals to the Forums being active. Forums doesn't work that way. Last time as well, it was not that when staff members are active is equivalent to the Forums being active, it's the member itself. I've been here since 2016, and I dare to say that due to life goals, your activity here is being halt. So, as to respect people that have been pouring time and effort into the Forums, I do not want them to prioritize this Forums first. Instead, I tell them to focus on their real life priorities first. Then once you're done, then see if you can pour some time into it. I can assure you, something is on its way, even if it's not in the Forums itself. If you see spams everywhere, you could help us by sending in reports so we can handle them. I'm not saying that it's your fault that you do not report that. However, since we are saying as part of this community, I believe that you could ease the staffs duties. It's true that staff team have been kind of inactive. However, things are being prepared behind in moving towards for TWICE's third anniversary and an anniversary that is coming pretty, pretty soon, as I mentioned in the above paragraph. As a change in the Forums theme, lock on tight as comeback is pretty much around the corner.
  4. [FAN ART] Sana in my Homework

    It looks pretty good! :D
  5. [WONCE] Custom Group (50000 ₩once & 500 posts)

    Please be notified that we'll be holding this request for a long period. I have some resits to do which will end tomorrow, assignments to finish which due next week on Valentine's Day as the staff discuss on how to approach the custom group request. We'll take what have been discussed here by you guys into the discussion so we can have a better one. Regards.
  6. Inferno Destrats

    1. ssinz7


      " ...and those terrible things I saw,

      and in which I played a great part."

      Virgil - Inferno

    2. Phebe


      Shocked expression

  7. [WONCE] Custom Awards (15000 ₩once & 300 posts)

    That is a fan-take picture, as there is watermark located on the picture. It is possible to get a non fan-taken one, you just have to try harder. :>
  8. [WONCE] Custom Awards (15000 ₩once & 300 posts)

    Gerbil, do you want to change the third custom award? Because I believe that is from a fansite. -- I'll get onto it this tomorrow. So, I do hope that Gerbil has decided on a new sanayeon custom award there :> Regards.
  9. [GAME] The Magical Soda Machine

    Get: a pokemon card Insert: Don't tag me anymore pass
  10. [JIHYOIST/PIC] Tomboy Jihyo!

    I wouldn't say dying here but have you seen her on tuxs? :D that's my definition of uhm yeah Jihyo
  11. TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    LOL there's a mo ako ng I see. alright
  12. TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    I want you guys to buy me one, so bili :#
  13. TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    bili ako twiceland bluray salamat
  14. I found myself another Foodgasm enthusiast @Jhinjerely Yours 

    1. Jhin


      I noticed the rank homaygahd an Elite Ten Council Memberrrrrr 

    2. liraeyllis
  15. 555 reputation points, eh?

    Time to laugh!



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    2. Plume
    3. Kh3ngboon


      For those who have no clue, 555 is what Thai types in SMS as laughing, basically like hahaha :3

    4. MyiMina


      Welp... 555 :dh-lol: