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  1. Kh3ngboon

    Twice Official Good Affiliate and Icon for Sub-forum

    That is highly impossible.
  2. Kh3ngboon

    Twice Malaysia Discussion Thread

    True that. But that amount to waste it'll be better just to go Korea and go to fansign.
  3. Kh3ngboon

    Twice Malaysia Discussion Thread

    People who are crazy enough to realize that they would need to waste that money just to watch a concert. tbh I'd rather spend that to go to Korea and enjoy it
  4. Kh3ngboon

    Twice Malaysia Discussion Thread

    True, I was in the queue, so I kind of relate to the tiket ulat XD
  5. Kh3ngboon

    [DISCUSSION] Stray kids & Twice

    If you guys want to argue, I suggest you two bring it to private messages. Further argument regarding your own privacy leaks will result in this discussion locked.
  6. Kh3ngboon

    Twice Malaysia Discussion Thread

    Did you two queue too?!?!
  7. Kh3ngboon

    Twice Malaysia Discussion Thread

    @sacheol-21stC Hello! Mic and I have been already working on a team called eminence which is a Malaysian fanbase, so technically, Team Twice is participating as a partnership or something. So, yes. There are plans coming :>>
  8. My mom once told me this, whatever you do, God is watching.

    The thing is, you never know who the God is. God might be God himself, or just a mere person who caught the wind.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. LinYuBear
    3. optzumistic
    4. Jhin


      or maybe sometimes God use a person to watch you.

  9. Not many people see this but ....

    Are you ready for something, fellow Malaysians??



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Zaito


      What is it? I am Totally ready

    3. Phebe


       e e   e e ee  e e e  e e e e

    4. JeongJeong


      Ooh so you're a Malaysian? :sn-ayyy:

  10. Kh3ngboon

    [DISCUSSION] Hunt for the shoes worn by TWICE

    Imagine TWICE with nmds, I'm going to go broke :>
  11. Kh3ngboon

    [WONCE] Custom Rank Title (4000 Wonce)

    Let me handle these now. I apologise for the great delay.
  12. As we all know that What Is Love is going to be answered by our girls, we've come out with three new limited edition awards for you to grab!!! #WhatIsLove - What #WhatIsLove - Is #WhatIsLove - Love Each awards costs 1500 Wonce and will be available until 11:59 KST on April 9th!! All you need to do is comment with which of the two awards (or all of them) you would like the purchase!! ♡ TTF Staff ♡
  13. Kh3ngboon


    I might have no power within the production but my team and I will try our best in making sure they get proper safety details.
  14. Kh3ngboon

    Hi fellow ONCE!

    Welcome to the Forums! Have fun here!
  15. Sometimes, it's really hard.

    Sometimes, I just want to leave this and run away from this.

    You think it's easy to handle this?

    We all will say "No.", because time is not with us right now.

    I know that some have time, but in life, there's a phase where you will find time is just a reminder for your priorities.

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    2. optzumistic


      @I. Am. Jihyo's I'm also in the honors things, but is there much to study for really :sn-stare:

    3. I. Am. Jihyo's

      I. Am. Jihyo's

      @optzumistic lol for me nothing apart from french cuz i'm bad at french lol :ny-lol:

    4. optzumistic


      @I. Am. Jihyo's lol that's where I can relate to Phebe, I don't do a language :cy-lol: