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  1. TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    bili ako twiceland bluray salamat
  2. I found myself another Foodgasm enthusiast @Jhinjerely Yours 

    1. Jhinjerely Yours

      Jhinjerely Yours

      I noticed the rank homaygahd an Elite Ten Council Memberrrrrr 

    2. liraeyllis
  3. 555 reputation points, eh?

    Time to laugh!



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Plume
    3. Kh3ngboon


      For those who have no clue, 555 is what Thai types in SMS as laughing, basically like hahaha :3

    4. MyiMina


      Welp... 555 :dh-lol: 

  4. [WONCE] Custom Awards (15000 ₩once & 300 posts)

    Alright, your awards have been updated! Please do some changes over on the awards management thread. :>
  5. [WONCE] Custom Awards (15000 ₩once & 300 posts)

    Yes. You could. However there will be a small charge of 3000 wonces per award. So, in total, you would be swapping those two awards. Is that okay?
  6. TTF Joke Corner :^)

    How is it dishonesty when it's true
  7. TTF Joke Corner :^)

    They say "Life is fun without joke". Well, I am a joke. So yeah, life's fun without me. :>
  8. [GAME] Twenty Questions

    Is it the girl on your display picture?
  9. Hai from Malaysia!

    From Malaysia Welcome to the Forums!
  10. [GAME] Ask The Next Person

    Vulptex. cause I di-. nvm :D Uhm, merging will also bring dissatisfaction, in my opinion. It'll be like people will not collect their biases' collection and then another unnecessary uproar occurs. I'd rather get new ones to replace those two awards and move on. If you want those images back, make it your own then, since majority can move on. I don't really mind. However, due to the limitations, the post counts is an addition to the requirement so that you can ensure that your effort to get one is unforgettable and you'll cherish it even more. (psst, that's what makes custom awards, custom. For you and you only). Anyways uhm. Team DC or Team Marvel? Since JL is here and Infinity Wars trailer has been released :D
  11. Hello to all!

    Oh it's mae. Uhm. Hi?
  12. [GAME] Ask The Next Person

    Yes, watching it this weekend. Have you got any ideas that having too many awards might lead to the result of removing some, which since some of it can't be removed, we have to either update the selca/photoshoot awards or remove the era awards D:
  13. [GAME] Ask The Next Person

    I don't know, I prefer to fly them during the nights so jet black. :> What's your opinion about awards? Too much too little? Or is it too old or too new?
  14. and I thought I'm going to see every part that Tzuyu stuck out the most on every era. This is quite quite interesting.
  15. [GAME] Twenty Questions

    It's not up to you to say, you're not the Game Master. So,