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Lost Penguin

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    Lost; But looking for the goddess who blessed me once
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    Next to Arale's house, Penguin Village
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  1. Lost Penguin

    2 chaerrys a day keep the bear away

    you actually mentioned me ... unusual .. people don't remember me most oftenahh I'm going off with tears... AND HAPPY 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY stay healthy and take care
  2. Well Gonna say good bye again.
    Going off for a few days because of study
    Will miss everyone :ny-sad: but can't be helped

    27th is SHINee's comeback and 10th anniversary.. I guess I'll miss that :') ... 27th is also my most fav and respected idol's 11th death anniversary :mn-cry: I'm her youngest WeZARD I guess... still loved her personality and music a lot ^_^

    Gonna miss Dubu's Birthday too... But I guess I'll wish early ... Happy Birthday to our tofu :congrats:

    Last few days weren't really good for me either both my real life friends and online friends fought each other.. Hope TTF will be better next time I come and no drama or fight either.. Wish me luck for my studies :> and everyone stay safe and healthy :twice-hug: cyao soon everyone :sn-hi: 

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    2. #Twice
    3. Lupay
    4. Lost Penguin

      Lost Penguin

      @Myoui Mintul 10days aren't long :ny-nono:

      @Twice's Bias study didi...  in case of emergency on Twitter :mn-peace:

      @Ahn Haeju Even though I'm a toxic person I wanna see things sette

      @Black rabbit miss you too :(

      @RainbowFluffyPanda I'll try to get on using my friend's phone again

      @#Twice yea I'll give you Nobel

      @Lupay don't  be happy just because you cam disappear freely -.-


  3. Lost Penguin

    Jokbal. Is. Back.

    any plan to apply for stuff job ?
  4. Lost Penguin

    Jokbal. Is. Back.

    hahahah xD don't disappear again
  5. Lost Penguin

    Jokbal. Is. Back.

    nah i joined in october so I never saw you here
  6. Lost Penguin

    Jokbal. Is. Back.

    Oh so I missed you completely... rip
  7. Lost Penguin

    Jokbal. Is. Back.

    when did you go on hiatus ?
  8. Lost Penguin

    Jokbal. Is. Back.

    Welcome back senpai
  9. Lost Penguin

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to TTF enjoy your stay cyao around ... and yes I'm a jpop fan too kinda xD but I like 90s jpop more
  10. Lost Penguin

    [GAME] Last Letter

  11. Lost Penguin

    Heya! ( ^∇^) Nice to be here!

    Welcome to TTF enjoy your stay ... Hope I'll wreck your bias and make you a pengu .. cyao around
  12. You disappeared again :jy-eww:

    1. Lupay


      LOL ive been hiking alot, don't worry ill upload some photos! :ny-cute:

      I've got 100 + photos to sort through so ill delete the ugly ones LOL :ny-lol:

      I miss ya too Lust Pengy! :ny-pose:

    2. Lost Penguin
  13. Lost Penguin

    [Discussion] Your fav Twice song based on lyrics

    I need to check new songs LoL ... yeah one in a million is so good
  14. Lost Penguin

    [Discussion] Your fav Twice song based on lyrics

    yeah I'll update tomorrow Time to update my list :)