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  1. sigh ... Once I wanted to die ... But later realised there's reason why I'm living .... So I gave up that wish ... but I made another wish .... that is having a short lifespan ....
    But right now I think it'll be better if God takes me up ... I'm at my limit now ... 

    Sometime I want to hug someone and cry ... But God didn't give me any best friend , Older sister or brother .... So since childhood there was no one to help me or cheer me up ... I just dealt with everything by myself ... But now I'm very tired of it .... I just want to rest in afterlife ... Yeah I'm greedy for afterlife ... I had so many plan for it ... :mn-cry:

  2. [MV] TWICE「One More Time」Music Video

    I couldn't sleep last night ... Really They had to release it at midnight ..... And made me hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  3. Mina .... ummmm then YoonA
  4. Form Your Ultimate KPOP Girl Group

    Group Name : Chil Beast(칠 비스트) 1. Kwon BoA D.O.B. : November 8, 1986 From : Solo (S.M. Entertainment) Role : Lead Vocal , Dancer 2. Kim Taeyeon D.OB. : March 9, 1989 From : Girl's Generation (S.M. Entertainment) Role : Vocal, Leader 3. Kim Hyuna D.O.B. : June 6, 1992 From : 4Minutes (Cube Entertainment) Role : Main Rapper 4. Hirai Momo D.OB. : November 9, 1996 From : TWICE (JYP Entertainment) Role : Main Dancer 5. Im YoonA D.O.B. : May 30, 1990 From : Girl's Generation (S.M. Entertainment) Role : Viasual , Vocal 6. Myou Mina D.O.B : 24 March 1997 From : TWICE (JYP Entertainment) Role : Visual, Dancer, Vocalist, Makane 7. Kim Yubin D.O.B : October 4, 1988 From : Wonder Girl's (JYP entertainment) Role : Rapper I Know Difference between Momo And Mina's age with other members is a lot .... I tried to avoid it but oh well .... can't ignore their talent
  5. MY 1st Anniversary on TTF

    Ehhhh !?! Hang in
  6. Happy Birthday :congrats::cy-heart:

    1. Zaito


      Thank you :ny-chu:

  7. Tag!

    @Ahn Haeju now your turn
  8. Form Your Ultimate KPOP Girl Group

    I need time
  9. Happy B-day to you!!!!!


  10. Happy birthday ♥ :congrats: 

    1. Sudipto


      Thanks again:mm-heart:

    2. MyiMina


      Your welcome friend :sn-lub: 

  11. MY 1st Anniversary on TTF

    @syko lel don't leave TWICE Thanks
  12. Happy Birthday!! :ny-chu:

  13. MY 1st Anniversary on TTF

    Yooo Thanks Haven't seen you lately .... busy with school ? G Thanks a lot
  14. MY 1st Anniversary on TTF