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  1. Happy 1st Anniversary to u mate
  2. To be Honest every single moment was memorable ... I've nothing to mention notably ... Enjoyed everything
  3. Make it Longest post of TTF
  4. That'll be Nice
  5. Almost fell for her while watching greedy performance ... Need to stay loyal...
  6. @ilovekaramorethanthebeatle Didn't Knew I'm also someone's best friend/favourite member thanks a lot For Me ummm ... yeah I'll start with @T2long ... My first TTF friend ... I spent my times chatting with you Other chatters @SubjectKpop @Palace @syko @Ooh-Ahh @Amelia-Chan @Liar @Kh3ngboon @Zeba @OmicronTheta @Suspect... helped me a lot when I was a newbie ... I'm really Thankful @Jhin We didn't chat that much in TTF ... but yeah you're my Noona @Lovely puppy noona noona ... @Twice's Bias Both of you @jemjeremjem1 Yoooooo Hyung @Migs hahaha ... I know you see me in your dreams @ilovekaramorethanthebeatle well ... You helped me in this forum few times ... We didn't chat in chatbox that much though ...
  7. I reached lvl 2 already
  8. Nooooooooooooo ... Plz bring it back ... idk I might be irregular again
  9. well downloaded it ... Name: Sudipto
  10. Wah ... Really ...
  11. 4018
  12. Hiiii and Welcome To TTF Enjoy your stay ... Nice to meet you too ... Drop by the chatbox if you wanna know about us
  13. I don't have it ... but now I might get it soon
  14. I was so surprised when i logged in ... Gosh ... It's really cool ... Thanks to @NomNomMiX @Jhin @Kh3ngboon @kkerel @Mina'sPenguins And All other staffs that worked hard to make this forum this much cool ... And about that @TWICE_Official acc ... hope TWICE is gonna log in someday ... well that day I might die as well